Wednesday, July 07, 2010

In the immortal words of Jean Paul Sartre, 'Au revoir, gopher'.

I left the democratic party today and registered in the Oregon Progessive Party.  I encourage anyone in the state to also join the OPP.  They need to get only about 600 more members by August to maintain their minor party status to appear on ballots.

It probably isn't a surprise to anyone that my frustration with Obama and the democrats have reached this level but what REALLY pushed me over the top is the plethora of douchebags telling the liberals in the democratic party to sit down, shut up and quit our bitching.

After 8 years of having to listen to that crap while the republicans were in charge when we rightly complained about everything from the loss of civil liberties to the economy to the war in Iraq I have ZERO patience to hear that same bullshit coming from my "friends."

Progressives/ liberals have been right time after time and yet we're still expected to sit quietly at the back of the bus.  Not gonna happen anymore.

The only thing I'm looking forward to these next few years in terms of politics will be listening to these democratic moderates wail as the republicans they claim we should be working with to forge some sort of grand compromise for the country fabricate a reason to impeach president Obama and move on same.




Lockwood said...

Welcome back!

I understand your decision completely, though I'm not ready to go quit that far myself yet. Yet. I've done a number of posts on the topic of "compromising with 'no,'" and I still feel the dems are too eager to do that rather than lay out their principles and goddammit, act on them. One thing is clear: Obama is a sneaky bastard, and I never know where he's going to end up going. Though if it's a place I want him to go, I do know he won't go there fast enough for me.

Dean Wormer said...

Thanks Locky!

You're a stronger man than I am. I just can't take it anymore.

And I've been a dem for over 25 years.

The other thing is that as you know the dems in Oregon are a lot more progressive than dems nationally. My switch wasn't based on local dems.

Randal Graves said...

Is this actually the Dean, or is this a corporate auto-post robot?

Anonymous said...

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okjimm said...

whoa..... you're back! I never joined a party.... ever. Well, not counting the beer party.

I figgered I could figger out who to vote for without a party telling me.

Aaron said...

It's good to see you back Dean. I was euphoric after the last election. I should be too old to be that naive. What a disappointment the last year and a half has been. There is no real point in being loyal to the D's apparently.

tom said...

Well, the Dems in Oregon are good and left, like the Dems in WA, and some other places I have lived (NY,NJ, and even VA well parts of it) If you left us cause Obama ain't your left cup of tea, remember HE can't make Harry Reid kill the fillibuster, HE can't make Nelson or Conrad, or Bayh, or any of the so called Blue dogs vote for anything..
Also we ALWAYS knew Obama was a middle of the road conciliator, so there we are, I WANT our party to be more left, and Jebus you would think that with the second great depression the middle of the road folk would see the light, but NO they are still blind, still watching FOX noise...
SO go and join the progressive Party, the rest of us will stay in the fold and keep trying to move our donkey to the left....

Tom in Seattle

dguzman said...

Like Lockwood, I'm still hoping for a miracle with the Dems. Not gonna happen, but we have no progressive party in PA. (We're lucky to have a Dem party in PA!)

Sorry I've been away so long--apparently, so have you! I'm trying to find more bloggy time. I'll be back. Keep on truckin', Dean.

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tempus fugit à pressa said...

Wednesday, 2010
In the immortal words of Jean Paul, 'Au revoir, gunga galunga'

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Knowledge ain't Power nor Good, what it is isssssss...KNOWLEDGE.

Oh, and Oregon's about as progressive as Hitler Dee & Hitler Dum.

Amazing where one may find one's self with an "ah yes" search.

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Freida Bee said...

Miss you.

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Randal Graves said...

Wormer's ghost,

Since you're dead, can we have the keys to Faber?


the Internets

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