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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Who said that? Gary Cooper? James Stewart? Henry Fonda? Eh?

This is a wonderful idea that Slash Films had. They're asking people to list their favorite movie scenes.

As the author mentions this is an intensely personal thing that says more about the person identifying the scene than it does the scene itself. Reading through other's suggestions I found myself subconsciously taking points away from folks who either a) didn't have much cinematic literacy (i.e. "The Dark Knight") or b) picked a scene that I might admit is great but was also inherently violent.

The scenes I tend to fixate on in films are usually scenes of hope or that are so emotionally resonant I have to fight back tears. Here's just a couple of mine...

Besides Chaplin's genius for some reason this scene reminds me of high school. Maybe it's just because he's imagining he's entertaining all the pretty girls when the reality is much sadder.

A tie for my favorite movie. This scene embodies the "live and love life" message of the flick so well.

I wanted to be Wesley soooooo badly. Robin Wright was just beautiful in this movie. "As you wish..."

Okay, I did put one action flick on my list but it's one of the best action flicks ever made. I couldn't find my favorite scene from Raiders though. The scene with Marion and Indy on the ship after they escape and he realizes that she's really what's important, not the ark is the one that gets me.

This scene is almost quaint in comparison to the reality of the senate but Kapra/ Stewart's call to remember the little guy and do what's right remains moving decades later.


The "kissing" scene from "Cinema Paradiso." Romance and a love of film all rolled into one.

What are your favorite scenes and why?