Wednesday, May 13, 2009

She's fair game, Joe. It's always open season on princesses.

This is an excellent take on the state of politics today.

The new chair of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), Clintonista Bruce Reed crooned in a article that Specter’s defection was “an encouraging omen for Obama’s effort to build a new, pragmatic, post-partisan politics.”

“Post-partisan politics” is code for a politics that basks in the glow of the status quo—a politics that accommodates itself to the needs of corporate America. In this context, “ideological politics” becomes code for people who care about such quaint principles as democracy and justice. People like crazed ideologue Chris Bowers.

It never ceases to amaze me how short-sighted the giants of American business seem to be when it comes to ceding political power to the electorate. They're unwilling to make even the smallest sacrifices and continue to demand that they not only have the biggest seat at the table, but have last word on everything.

They seem incapable of understanding that this situation cannot continue in perpetuity. If the little guy isn't tossed a bone once in a while history shows us they'll become so frustrated and take it upon themselves to change the status quo, through whatever means necessary. In that case it won't matter a wit what the giants of business think about the issues at hand- they won't be at the table in the first place.

FDR understood this seventy years ago. Why was the lessen lost on our political and economic leadership today?