Friday, September 12, 2008

Oh, I love surprises. It's funny that you never suspect them!

Happy Friday!

Dang. That Palin interview was just embarrassing. Especially this part...

GIBSON: What do you think of the Bush Doctrine?

PALIN: Forgive me if I'm wrong Charlie but I believe George Bush was a Governor not a doctor before he became President.

GIBSON: "Doctrine." As in "tenet" or "philosophy."

PALIN: I'm pretty sure George Tenet was our spy guy before. You aren't going to get me with that trick question.

GIBSON: Here's a hint; it's something President Bush put in place following the September the 11th attacks.

PALIN: His mountain bike? His wife? He puts her in her place all the time.

(Gibson can be heard sighing.)

GIBSON: As I understand it the Bush Doctrine means the United States reserves the right to use preemptive force against countries we suspect of aiding terrorists.

PALIN: Umm. What do you think of it?

GIBSON: Well, I... wait a minute. You're the one that's supposed to answer the question.

PALIN: I think that the Bush Doctrine is good. In fact it's the best doctrine ever. All Americans would be happier if they followed President Bush's doctrine.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

You won't make me cry. You'll never make me cry!

I was woken this morning to the dulcet tones of the Highland pipes as played as the ringtone my the new phone Mrs. Wormer got me for my birthday and snuck under my pillow.

This still beats the birthday morning revenge had by my oldest daughter who woke me with a Hendrix rendition a couple of years ago. Anybody that's been to college probably has stories of horrible ways to be awoken from cold water to felt pens.

The electric guitar played dirty beats those all in spades. It's not so much the guitar but the slow gliding into conciousness with the sound of an amp powering up right next to your ear. The first thought going through your head is "this is going to be bad."

Anyhoo- I was checking out Rachel Maddow's website for her show and got a kick out of the juxtapositon of the viagra ad in the lower corner with the picture of McCain/ Palin. I know Maddow probably didn't do that on purpose but it still cracks me up for some reason.

Monday, September 08, 2008

This is not a psychotic breakdown; it's a cleansing moment of clarity.

On the Olbermann/ MSNBC thing...

There are a number of theories be batted about as to why Tweety and Keith were dropped from political anchor duties by MSNBC. Personally I find the idea that took a lot of heat and was ultimately canned over apologizing for McCain's over the top 9-11 propaganda video to be offensive in the extreme.

During their convention the Republicans aired a film showing multiple images of the 9-11 attacks including images of people jumping to their deaths out of burning buildings in order to to gin up support for a political candidate. Any American, any human being that wasn't offended by that is simply a sociopath, as are so many conservative Republicans these days.

When they cut back from that video to Keith a visibly stunned Keith chided the Republicans for that garbage, rightly observed that anyone else using those images to sell a product would be cut to ribbons by the rest of the media and quickly went to commercial.

Here's the video with Keith's reaction if you missed it. The images of the people jumping from windows have been edited out but there are plenty more of offensive images contained therein. You may just want to skip to the end.

I'm sick of the media bowing to the whiny tantrums of the children that make up the conservative base of the Republican party. Some times it feels as if the ignoramuses in this country hold the rest of us hostage. This is one of those times.

Who's the wild man now?!

Mrs. Wormer suggested I post this since I may have mistakenly given you guys the idea I'm Father of the Year material.

Pretty much my favorite thing in the world to do is to go to a college football game. Especially if that game involves my beloved Ducks, of which I'm an alumni.

On Friday night Mrs. Wormer and I were out at the local Octoberfest when I got a call from a buddy telling me his "date" to the Ducks vs. Utah State game had canceled at the last minute and asking me if I wanted to go.

This was a tough call because as tempting as that was, Dean Jr. (12) plays football and his first game was Saturday morning. There was no way I could miss it. So I politely turned down the offer and begged my buddy to keep me in mind in the future.

Dean Jr. played a great game. He got a couple of sacks, stopped a running back cold with a pop that I'm sure they could hear a couple of counties over and all in all did me proud.

After the game we were sitting around unwinding and I told him about being invited to the Ducks game but choosing to go see him play instead. His reaction verbatim: "are you fucking stupid?"

All I could hear was his mother in the other room laughing her ass off.