Friday, December 12, 2008

Seems we're all so busy trying to beat the other fellow in making things go faster and look shinier and cost less that Christmas got lost.

Wouldn't it be ironic that as one of Bush's last official acts as President he finally did the right thing for once and acted to bail out automakers?

I won't hold my breath.

But if we had any doubt that Republicans were going to put aside their partisan bullshit for the good of the country after the results of the last election I think the events of this week pretty much dispelled them.

We began the week with Republicans pushing the Clinton rules back into place in the media with the Blagojevich story. Apparently, just as it was in the 90s, innuendo from conservatives once again equals fact. Guilty until proven innocent and all that.

Watch for a strong push from congressional Republicans in the next session to replace Fitzgerald with a special prosecutor willing to dig into more than just this pay to play Illinois stuff. These fuckers play for keeps. Deja vu all over again.

Then we had Republicans take a shit on working Americans as they worked to bust the UAW. The headlines surrounding this are ridiculous. "Senate Bails on Auto Bailout: What Next?" Are you kidding me? How about "Senate Republicans Give American Economy the Andy Dufresne Treatment" as a more accurate headline?

Don't even get me started on this "Corker is a hero" bulshit. He was the Chief Obstructionist. He was an excuse. He was a tool. Nothing more.

Once again I hold out hope that Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic leadership will finally come to their senses and realize you cannot deal with these people in good faith. They are going to filibuster, and scream and clench their tiny little fists in faux rage at every step of the process as we try to set to work fixing the messes that they made.

Ignore the petty little fuckers. Utilize legislative solutions that work around them. Put everything, including health-care reform into ominbus budget bills that can't be filibustered. If they intend to filibuster then for God's sakes make them really filibuster.

But let's stop pretending Republican Senators care about this country because they don't. Not in the slightest.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Burn some dust here. Eat my rubber.

Haven't had much time on the intertubes or even to read the news lately. Anything I need to know about?

Monday, December 08, 2008

Say, by the way, can you play "Jingle Bells?"

A moment of yuletide zen from this weekend--

We were toodling around the house, putting up Christmas decorations. We had Christmas music playing in the background and at one point I went into the kitchen to find all three of my kids dancing to Vince Guaraldi like the Peanuts kids.

How can you not dig that?

(For the record: A Charlie Brown Christmas if my favorite Christmas special and I reserve the right to quote it more than once during the next couple of weeks. Phhhhtttt!)