Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Start pulling your weight guys or you go back to the cemetery.

I'm trying to avoid this Michael J. Fox thing for obvious reasons: it involves Rush Limbaugh and would force me to write a post with a picture of Jabba which would throw me off my whole seasonal horror film motif.

But this bit about Republicans running a counter-ad filled with their own B-list celebs is just too damn funny. Charles P. Pierce over at the Prospect sums the whole thing up
pretty well:

And lastly, in case it escaped the ad wizards who dreamed up this mess -- Michael J. Fox didn't do the McCaskill spot just because he was a famous person. He did it because he is a famous person who has Parkinson's disease, and thus can be reckoned to be more of an expert on the topic than Mrs. Raymond. I was prepared for things to get ugly. Stupid caught me by surprise.


Don Snabulus said...

Have you noticed how the debate becomes a Limbaugh vs. Fox brouhaha rather than the REAL DEBATE about whether science is allowed to help people or not?

Dean Wormer said...

Pretty good observation, Don.

The scientific aspect isn't even controversial since most Americans support stem cell research.

It's a manufactured brouhaha.