Thursday, September 07, 2006

He passed away two weeks ago and one week ago he bought the land. That's unusual.

The "Path to 911" has been pretty much done to death around the blogsphere. I share much of the blogsphere's concern about the film's accuracy and the Scholastic tie-ins.

This Washington Post article from this morning on the backlash driven by former Clinton aides is interesting, especially this quote from Producer Mark Platt:

If individuals feel they're wrongly portrayed, that's obviously of concern. We've portrayed the essence of the truth of these events. Our intention was not in any way to be political or present a point of view."

Ah, the "essence of the truth." I believe Stephen Colbert has coined a word for that.

But what really gets me isn't so much the fictional stuff they've left out of the "docudrama" as the real stuff they've left out. Bush's lack of action in the moments of the actual attack and his running-and-hiding act immediately following are notably missing.

Luckily, we at Farber College have a crack film studies department who were able to put together a segment to include in the ABC docudrama. If I can only convince the network to make the change...

(Disclaimer: this docudrama is fictional but it is based on fact. It is intended to convey the actual truth about the past by making stuff up about the past. Please see our educational supplement if you or your kids have questions. )


Overdroid said...

What also riles me is the right made it difficult for Clinton to do anything and criticised him when he did saying he was trying to distract from Lewinsky. I grow more jaded and cynical each day. Sigh.

Dean Wormer said...


He was "wagging the dog."

It almost makes me pine for the blissful ignorance that goes with being a conservative.

Sure, they're always grouchy. But the certainty with "knowing" absolutely how the world works and what one's place in it is must be pretty comforting.