Monday, April 17, 2006

Apology accepted, Captain Needa.

The efforts by the administration to rush to Rummy's defense are pretty damn laughable. I particularly enjoy former Air Force Gen. Richard Myers statement:

"We gave him our best military advice and I think that's what we're obligated to do," Myers said on ABC's "This Week." "If we don't do that, we should be shot."

Of course this ignores the small item that the generals who spoke out against Rumsfeld last week weren't claiming that they weren't able to give him advice, only that their advice was routinely ignored. Neither Myers statement nor Rumsfeld's defensive memo sent out to officers at the end of last week which detailed lots of meeting with officers do anything to counter that point.

Perhaps the saddest element to this pathetic counter-offensive in the media to the "Rumsfeld is incompetent" meme is the fact that the debate itself is completely meaningless. We don't need former Generals to point out that Rumsfeld is the most incompetent strategist since Montgomery. We simply have to turn on the evening news and find out what's happening in Iraq on a daily basis.

Sorry General Myers. I'm not going to believe you over my lying eyes.


Anonymous said...

The rebel alliance is in its final throes. The destruction of the death star was only a minor setback. Elections are soon to be held on Tatoine.

Dean Wormer said...

Our informant; "Curveball the Hutt" will soon assume (win) the Tatooine Presidency and will usher in an era of peace, prosperity and freedom from corruption.

Or he'll feed you to his Rancor.