Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I think we're getting into a weird area here.

Okay, so I'm catching up on posts at BAC's place and she had this fun post linking to this blog Genderanalyzer so I think to myself "why not give it a shot?" The results-

"We have strong indicators that http://deansoffice.blogspot.com/ is written by a woman (100%.)"

That's it. No ambiguity. No 50% woman, 50% man. The analyzer ran through my two years of postings and determined that I was unequivocally and without the slightest shadow of a doubt a member of the fairer sex.

BAC points out that the Jesus General flipped out over scoring only 72% on the manly scale. What am I supposed to think of my own score with that in mind?

In the first place I'm PLENTY macho. I watch football. I scratch myself and embarrass my wife in general. I rarely play with puppies unless they're really, really cute and I can't bring myself to sit through any film with the words "ya ya," "sisterhood" or "pants" in the title.

Then there's the silhouette they chose for me--

Doesn't exactly scream "man of action" now does it?

This is a more appropriate silhouette for me--

That's exactly how I look. Exactly. (Only take the muscles in the arms and legs and move them towards the middle.)

Now, if you'll excuse me I have a screening of "Twilight" to get to. That Robert Pattinson is dreamy, don't you think? Harumph!


Christian Zamora said...

I ran that same test in my blog and it granted me with 92% (or something close to it) of pure manhood. Considering I dwell a lot on the America's Next SuperModel contest I made up, I really don't understand how I got such a high score, lol.

On the other hand, there was a test about the value of blogs and I got 0 dollars. Reality is harsh, isn't it? :P

Dean Wormer said...


That's hysterical. Reality is indeed a harsh mistress. Or something.

Ubermilf said...

Look on the bright side: "Woman" is better than "pre-teen girl," isn't it?

Ubermilf said...

I think I'd beat you at arm-wrestling, girlie.

Hypatia said...

Dean, I'd actually take your scoring as a compliment...also goes to show this man vs woman thing is total BS.

As in real people are usually more complicated...or INTERESTING than a computer analysis might indicate.

Gotta hear your thoughts on the Twilight thing...got some good reads for ya on it.

ladybug said...

We guess http://hypatiaspeaks-hypatia.blogspot.com/ is written by a woman (58%), however it's quite gender neutral.

Hell Dean, that IS weird!

Ladybug AKA Hypatia..

Don Snabulus said...

Snabbyland is 68% man...Two farts and a pirouette.

Randal Graves said...

I got 60%. Must be all the verse. Dean, you're like the internet Conan!

Mauigirl said...

I did that quiz and it was 69% sure I was a guy! And the name of my blog is MauiGIRL's Meanderings. I don't think it was very accurate!

Lockwood said...

I got 60% male, which is 60% right. Most of the time when teaching, 60% is considered failing. On the other hand, what manly man wouldn't want to have a mammary or two avaiable whenever. But it uses "artificial intelligence;" it must be right.

Arkonbey said...

I was 75% male and Sweet Enemy was 75% female.

I do wish I could see the model they used to come up with that garbage. Maybe it's because I use shorter words and sentence fragments and have many misspellings causes me to be mostly 'male'.

Lockwood: I had a friend, a crusty Wisconsin hunter, who once said if he had breasts, he'd never leave his room.

Dean Wormer said...


Look on the bright side: "Woman" is better than "pre-teen girl," isn't it?

Depends on whether you throw the Jonas Brothers into the mix.

Go ahead and rub in my total lack of masculinity with the arm wrestling jokes. :-)


Truth be told I'm really not insulted but I do think it's funny. I spent last weekend alternating between hanging drywall and watching football for God's sakes.

On Twilight I'm probably the only one in the family not going ga-ga over it. Book was okay.


Down the middle I can see. It's the 100% that I think is funny.


Two farts and a pirouette.

All of the prose, thought and tears shed towards discerning the difference between men and women through history and you boil it down to one simple sentence.


Thanks, but by Conan do you mean the red-headed comedian? Because I don't consider him muy macho.


Maybe the quiz is set up to mess with our heads.


Manboobs are why George Castanza's dad invented the "Bro."


Me too. Perhaps more swearing and sports talk?

Life As I Know It Now said...

hey, better late than never here. I was very macho at 73% male. :)