Monday, January 28, 2008

One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.

None of the above?

Obama promises a world filled with puppies and daisies in his NC victory speech because, goshdarnit, we just all have to get along and things will go swell.

Clinton breaks a promise all the Democratic candidates made not to try and seat Florida and Michigan delegates since the states bucked the national party by moving up their primaries. Huh. Didn't see that coming.

Edwards is running for Attorney General in an Obama White House. I'm sure that's great news to all of us who donated for a PRESIDENTIAL run and to get away from this sort of bullshit politics. Of course this rumor comes by way of the Great Satan so take it as you will.

McCain will skip Bush's State of the Union. Other Senators are heard to mutter "lucky" in a Napoleon Dynamite voice. He's also still nuts just in case you were wondering.

Romney asks advice on the Middle East from the one man less qualified to give it than George Bush. The only thing Cheney is qualified to advise anyone on is how to shoot a man in the face without killing him.

Huckabee stumps for the "Fair Tax." He's also pushing to be declared Emperor of the Moon and for a harem made up of biological clones of Jessica Alba. The man's full of great ideas.

Giuliani who?

Is it any wonder Americans prefer "American Gladiators" to politics? At least Gladiators is honest about the snake oil it's pushing.


Dr. Zaius said...

How completely uninspiring. ;o)

Don Snabulus said...

As bad as all these folks are...if the main election is Clinton vs. McCain, I might just vote for myself. Clinton seems as power hungry as her husband (who seems to be fighting her battles for her) and McCain is, as you said, just plain nuts.

I understand your dismay about Edwards, but unless he wins several southern states (he just lost in one), he is out. Also, if Novak is right, all the noise is coming from Obama's camp rather than Edwards.

Dean Wormer said...

Zaius Sorry. It can't all be Kumbaya.

don I almost hesitated to post that considering the source, but I wanted to prove I'm not wide-eyed about the candidate I've been supporting.

If it comes to a brokered convention I'd much rather Edwards does something with his delegates to change the party platform or otherwise push the party to the left than use the influence for personal gain. Not that he wouldn't be a good AG.

Swinebread said...

I'm still voting democrat but that it.

Randal Graves said...

What swinebread said. The lesser of two evils.

Barring a national catastrophe - hey, Dick, quiet down back there - precipitating a sea change in American society to the point where the people actually demand change, this is about as good as we'll get.

BAC said...

Hey, as a former Floridian ... how many elections are we going to have to endure where our votes don't count? I say, seat their delegates you mean old DNC.


ps: thanks for the link!

Dean Wormer said...


I probably will as well but I just don't hold out hope for the leading candidates.


It'll probably take a national catastrophe at this rate.


I think I agree. Here in the Beaver state we don't usually have a say in who the parties nominate.

Not that it matters this year. I was pretty much holding my nose at all the candidates who declared.

Love your site, btw.