Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wonder what they'd have done to Columbus if he'd discovered America, and then mislaid it.

Unintentionally funny quote of the day from Victor Davis Hanson in today's opinion page in the Big O:

"Too often Congress and it's wayward members decide they're smarter at foreign affairs than President Bush. "

The problem in which members of congress decide they're smarter than Bush on foreign affairs isn't limited to wayward members of congress. It's extends to small children, other primates and certain inanimate objects including pencils.

In fact; had we simply flipped a coin at every important foreign policy juncture over the last six years we would've been better off as a country than having the drooling moron in the oval office and his track record of utter, complete failure make foreing policy decisions.


ladybug said...

The question Victor is avoiding is..


Certainly not "Congress and it's wayard members"...Hell, at least the Kennedys'd make sure the illegal Irish working in the New York construction business could get legal work permits...

(not a few working in the restaurant end either...)

Swinebread said...

Is this guy a total dipshit or what?

Dean Wormer said...


Exactly. The stupid, it burns!

Is this guy a total dipshit or what?

He writes for the Weekly Standard although the Oregonian doesn't mention that in the bio, referring to him instead as a Hoover Fellowship Scholar.