Thursday, October 18, 2007

Power - to make the multitudes run squealing in terror!

Just sent off to the Oregonian:
Dear Mr. Caldwell,

Like so many of your readers I avoid reading columns by David Reinhard as a general rule. Please understand it has nothing to do with Reinhard's political affiliation. There are many fine conservative columnists including George Will and Debra Saunders who put forth valid, intellectually honest arguments advocating the conservative position on the issues of the day.

No, the problem with Mr. Reinhard is that is writing is always predictably pedestrian and completely without nuance. Reinhard writes his columns as if he's playing a game a scrabble with the text of the daily G.O.P. blast-fax. Add an adjective here, move a sentence around there and voila! Send this baby to print. For most of us it's simply easier to skip Reinhard and go directly to the source.

Against my better judgement I opened my morning paper and decided to give Reinhard yet another chance. Maybe I was missing something in those hundreds of other columns I've read. Maybe he wasn't as intellectually squishy as I remember.

In reading today's column imagine my surprise to find out that Reinhard is not only just as bad but, surprisingly, has actually regressed in his skills as a columnist. I had to read through the column twice just to confirm that Mr. Reinhard was indeed making-fun of a twelve-year-old boy. A new low for someone like Mr. Reinhard who regularly feeds on the bottom.

The Living section of the Oregonian allows for annual voting on the comics pages where readers are allowed to choose which strips the paper will run and which strips they should drop. I would like to suggest you provide this same opportunity for the readers of the Oregonian's Forum section. I realize this would mean David Reinhard would quickly be out of a job, but a bright guy like himself would surely be able to land on his feet. Or pull himself up by his bootstraps or what ever.

I would hope that you will take my suggestion in consideration,


Dean Vernon Wormer


Don Snabulus said...

I hope they respond.

ladybug said...

This is just ridiculous...Graeme Frost and his family are EXACTLY the kind of folks that need this type of help!

Bush & Co gave HUGE giveaways directly to churchs (ostenibly to provide "social services"), Blackwater ('cuz our own Armed forces aren't enough??!!), etc - but giving HEALTH SERVICES to AMERICAN CHILDREN isn't part of his "agenda"?

He & his ilk make me sick

Swinebread said...

This guy is a mental midget. I have hard time reading his columns as well. The Republican argument that program is too expensive is smoke and mirrors and without merit.

Even if this was the first step to govt. run healthcare for every American (which it is not) it’s a good plan. The rightys simply don’t REALLY care about kids. Also, Bush is such an idiot that he doesn’t even realize how enticing it sounds to a regular person with little or no coverage. “Healthcare for every American” that sounds good to me.

Dean Wormer said...

No response from Campbell. Not a surprise.

That had to be the chickenshitist thing I've seen that little toad Reinhard write out of a whole list of chickenshit things.