Thursday, February 01, 2007

I was not put on this earth to listen to meat!

Gilliard does a terrific job of tearing apart Boston's Aqua Teen idiocy yesterday. The entire city was brought to a standstill by Lite-brite and the idiocy of Mayor Menino combined with the overreaction of the media.

Menino is going on TV and insisting he's going to send a 27-year old artist to jail for not breaking any law, because his police department overreacted and wasted a million dollars feeding a media frenzy and terrorizing the population of his own city. That's a cowardly act of self-preservation, and were he not threatening the life of an innocent young man it would be laughable.

The whole think has me hankering for a little Adult Swim.


ladybug said...

Since no city but Boston had a problem with this, they look like complete dorks.

Hope the folks playin' the pranks won't have to get thrown in the slammer, 'cuz pissed off fuzz and their croney admins like to make "examples" of even the most harmless threat to their perceived power.

Dean Wormer said...

A threat to their power plus it made them look just plain dumb.

They hate that when that happens.