Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Yeah, you're crazy Jar-Jar.

I'm sorry about the Jar Jar. Apologies go out to every one that was offended by my use of the cartoon fish-man in my last post. Even if I was joking about his demise, I recognize that Jar Jar is an acquired taste. (Usually acquired through severe head trauma or accidental contact with a power line.)

Don snabalus' suggestion that the kid from Lord of the Flies should take him out is well taken if not for the fact that the kid in question is Piggy. When it comes to taking someone out Piggy inevitably will wind up on the wrong end of the equation.

Again - I want everyone that reads this blog to feel comfortable and secure and happy in their own personal space. It was wrong of me to harsh that mellow.



1 comment:

Swinebread said...

Jar Jar sucks... that's all anyone needs to know.