Thursday, February 01, 2007

I don't want to be worshipped. I want to be loved.

I had the honor a few years ago of seeing Molly Ivins speak live at an ACLU event. She was even more ribald and plain spoken than she was in her columns.

She told a bunch of stories about the Texas politics she'd spent most of her life covering but my favorite involved a huge fight in the Texas legislature over an anti-sodomy law passed many years ago. After the Republicans, ahem, rammed it through the chief sponsor of the bill and the head of the fundamentalist Christian group promoting it hugged on the floor of the state senate. On seeing this the Democratic Senator who had led the fight against the bill approached the Sergeant at Arms and told him he wanted them arrested.

"Why," the Sergeant at Arms asked.

"Because in this state," he responded, "we've just made it illegal for a dick to touch an asshole."

The world is just a tad darker without her around.


ladybug said...

Now THAT'S funny! Basically this law is mostly unenforceable. I mean, I don't think even the most right-wing nutjob police dept. wants to spend their time staking out every suspected sodomite's house in town, hoping to catch some gay porn in action...then again I could be wrong.

But really, I think they're just too dang lazy, they'd probably just like to eat more donuts.

Dean Wormer said...

True. To prosecute the crime you'd have to catch the perpetrators in action, I would think.

Donuts... mmmmmmmm.