Wednesday, August 16, 2006

You're on a first name basis with lucidity, little friend. I have to call it "mister" lucidity... and that's no good in a pinch.

Froomkin on the continuing Bush bubble.

The White House made a big to-do about President Bush's meeting Monday with four outside experts on Iraq. Spokesman Tony Snow held the meeting up as proof that the president is interested in -- and consistently exposed to -- different points of view, and even dissent.

But the only thing that meeting demonstrated is that true dissent is still not welcome at the White House, unless you define dissenters as anyone who doesn't agree with the president on absolutely everything.

I'm sure even that small dissent isn't recieved well.

"That perfessor guy didn't like the chili. I don't want him back at the White House and I want his family offed."


Don Snabulus said...

I miss The Tick!!!!!!!!!!!!! The live action series was funnier than heck (even though my friend loved the animation and couldn't get into the live one).

We are the warm cream poured over the strawberries of justice.

Dean Wormer said...

Me to. I did like the Urchin in the animated series that sounded like Dustin Hoffman doing Rainman.

Your friend probably already knows about

this then.