Tuesday, August 15, 2006

She is alive, or was an hour ago. If she is otherwise when I find her I shall be very put out.

Ah, Senate Democrats. Always the last to get it and even then they come across as namby-pamby with their threats.

“I think there’s a lot of concern,” said a senior Democratic aide who has discussed the subject with colleagues. “I think the first step is if the Lieberman thing turns into a side show and hurts our message and ability to take back the Senate, and the White House and the [National Republican Senatorial Committee] manipulate him, there are going to be a lot of unhappy people in our caucus.”...


Anonymous said...

People might be kinda upset if there's a nuclear war too. It might effect voting patterns.

Dean Wormer said...

I can see them second guessing themselves after the interview.

"Do you think 'concern' was too strong of a word to use?"