Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On a deaf man's door, you can knock forever!

This breaks my damn heart.

These guys have been in Iraq a year and were scheduled to rotate out until they got last minute word they'd be staying.

I am a mother in law of a soldier with the 172nd. I was and am so saddened by the extension. There isn’t one hour during the that I don’t think about him. My daughter and my grandson are in Fort Wainwright and were anxiously awaiting his return. They had made a sign telling him they love him and welcome home. Everyone was so excited about their homecomiong.

Now that was put on hold. I think the only reason they were extended is because it was cost effective and convenient for them to send them there. They have been put in danger 365 days already. I have just read that Iraq has had another division stand up and added to their army. Why don’t they send them to Bagdad???

I have thought of an idea to speak out. The wives of the soldiers to send hand prints of each of their children to Washington with messages of bringing their fathers and mothers ...

Bring 'em the hell home.

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