Wednesday, May 10, 2006

You only live twice, Mr. Bond.

Have I mentioned I really, really hate Democratic political strategists?

Case in point:

Democrats Won't Focus Hayden Hearing on Surveillance (Update1)

May 10 (Bloomberg) -- Democrats say they will focus their fire on Michael Hayden's military background and suitability to head the Central Intelligence Agency when Senate confirmation hearings begin next week -- and won't emphasize the nominee's role in running a much-criticized eavesdropping program.

Absolutely. Let's focus on what appears to be the non-issue of a Director of the CIA who is currently in the military and completely ignore the fact that the man has shown, under oath, that he is totally ignorant of the text of the fourth amendment to the constitution.

I'm sure this is part and parcel to Rove's gamesmanship of the NSA issue, portraying it as the number one thing Republicans will be hitting Democrats on in this fall's elections. Jeebus Democratic politicians are easy to play.

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