Monday, May 08, 2006

I like to watch TV.

This Bush quote from Christy Hardin Smith's piece on a post-presidency Bush really cracked me up:

"I would like to leave behind a legacy or a think tank, a place for people to talk about freedom and liberty, and the de Tocqueville model, what de Tocqueville saw in America," Mr. Bush told Mr. Schieffer. "I would like for there to be a place where young scholars come and write and think and articulate and opine and teach."

Does anyone really believe our manchild of a President actually used the word "opine?"

If I were to walk up to Mr. Bush today and ask him what he admires about de Tocqueville could there be even the slightest doubt he would say something like "I don't do that anymore. Not since I found Jesus a few years ago. Toking a fatty is something I gave up."

It reminds me of how, early in his Presidency, they tried to make Bush look all smart and stuff by having him tell everybody that interviewed him he was enjoing the biography on Truman. When he was asked what his favorite part was he just stammered out a nonsensical answer.

Forget the think tank, George. Start a trout farm. Better yet-- start a perch farm with some of those magical 7 pounders you have at your ranch.

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Anonymous said...

I'ts hard to take your criticism of some one's use of the word opine seriously when you use "are" instead of the possessive "our" right after the quote. Just sayin'.