Thursday, May 11, 2006

Take my word for it, General, this type of defense is useless against that kind of power! You'd better let Washington know, fast!

Jane Hamsher posted something that dovetails nicely with my post this morning. She is writing on the news that the administration has killed a Justice Department investigation into the illegal NSA wiretapping by refusing security clearance to department lawyers. Jane says--

It’s right in line with what they did last week — finally agreeing to Nancy Pelosi’s request to draw up a list of the members of Congress who were briefed on the program, and then classifying it so she couldn’t see it. It was the childish move of a petulant, power-mad emotional 8 year-old.

The Democrats seem to want some kind of process to happen before they approve Feingold’s censure plan. It’s hard to imagine anyone still needs proof that this President has willfully, deliberately and consistently broken the law, but if that’s the case, then how about falling in behind Al Gore’s plan (which happily includes a provision for filibustering any laws that try to retroactively legalize the administration’s previous lawlessness).

Someone? Anyone? This "don’t rock the boat" November election strategy while the public trust is eroded and the country goes to hell is curiously not working for me.

Far from getting behind Gore's plan we have Democratic Senator Dick Durbin jumping up and down excitedly because the nominee for Director of the CIA may have said that he supports just such a law legalizing the NSA spying retroactively.

The administration isn't in the cat bird's seat here, the constitution is. It's high time, no, well past high time that the Democrats began defending that constitution against this lawless administration. They're the only ones in a position to do so and yet they're still scared of their own shadow.

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