Monday, July 21, 2008

Ramrod, wreckage and ruin, still the same Kirby York.

If you're like me and enjoy a good chuckle at the inanity of right-winger raving but the fast pace of summer vacation is keeping you from being able to keep up with the actual words separating the froth and spittle then this post is for you.

First up we have these Fox News fans taking up the McCain campaign's whiny lament that the New York Times wouldn't print McCain's response to Obama's recent foreign policy op ed in that paper. I'm as stunned as they are. McCain's editorial which began "Barack Hussein Obama is a terrorist-loving ruffian who won't get off my lawn" is usually the sort of thing that looks right at home in the Times.

The best response to this outrage in my opinion? It would have to be Kathy wingnuttery--

This is what happens when news information is controlled by liberalsocialists.Instead of engaging another point of view, they shut down anyone who doesn’t fittheir social and political agendas. Besides, hardly anybody reads NYT anymore.NYT is going bankrupt. There are many other media outlets that McCain can tap into and grab bigger audience.

Of course that's closely followed by Frieda's fine assessment of the situation--

Like this is new. The American public has known of the complete bias for a longtime. We don’t even get a chance to hear all of Sen. McCain’s speeches or town
hall meetings. And we would like to.

If you're going to pretend that you're some man on the street and really aren't on the McCain campaign payroll you really should avoid using obvious tells that scream "shill." Nobody, but nobody wants to "hear all of Sen. McCain's speeches." That includes his most ardent supporters.

Along those lines "The Dark Knight" came out this weekend and, for those of you living under a rock, I'm told it did quite well. Not everybody is a fan of Heath Ledger's incredible portrayal of the Joker or the film's mediations on our post 9/11 society.

Take the commenter igroveman over at Slash Films who took issue with a review that site did of the movie which noted the political themes. No really; take him. I don't want the guy.

igroveman Says:
July 20th, 2008 at 9:47 am

Very “moralistic” of you in the third paragraph, but it’s very unpatriotic and sounds somewhat blind to refer to “atrocities and miscarriages of justice around the world” as if they are something our country is doing.

Give it some background by first looking up the word “atrocity” in the dictionary, then the encyclopedia as you gain a history of this word and realize it actually does depend on context, motive, and goals.

What’s so amazing to me is how our country had one of the biggest atrocities committed against it, but rather than stand by our country, all our weak-kneed country-men can do is wax keen on imaginary dictatorships and so-called injustices.

This is even sillier against the backdrop of any comic story, including Batman, which accepts and even encourages the idea that absolute retribution enacted through violence is well desired, and even oftentimes absolutely necessary.

More Americans need to put their mouths where their heart is, or their mind where the mouth is, so their heart can change.

Igroveman knows that people have their mouth and eyes mixed up, or their eyes with their mouth or something and that needs to change. Personally I think igrove has his head and his ass mixed up, or at least conjoined. This is why the more conservative among us shouldn't do art. They just don't get it.

Of course who can blame them for being unable to understand fictional works when their own leaders have trouble with reality? Take this new McCain ad which blames high gas prices on Barack Obama. Not the democratic party. Not liberal economic policies. Arguments that are breathtakingly stupid in their own right but at least have one foot on the ground. Nope. The reason we're paying $4.25+ a gallon at the pump is because of the nefarious plotting of a first-term Senator from Illinois.

The Ad: (Narrator:) Gas prices -- four dollars, five dollars, no end in sight, because some in Washington are still saying no to drilling in America. No to independence from foreign oil. Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump?

(Chant:) Obama, Obama.

(Narrator:) One man knows we must now drill more in America and rescue our family budgets. Don't hope for more energy, vote for it. McCain.

You know your ad has to be bloody stupid when Howard "the putz" Kurtz calls you on how much bullshit is contained in same.


mwb said...

"Nobody, but nobody wants to 'hear all of Sen. McCain's speeches.' "

That's too harsh there's a subset of people who enjoy pouring iodine in their open eyes, that I'm sure demographically overlap with those who watch all of Senator McCain's speeches. ;-)

Actually thanks to the wonder of C-Span I have actually watched whole speeches by ALL the candidates in the primaries. Some were quite challenging to watch all the way through.

Life As I Know It Now said...

I'm no enthusiastic fan of Obama but even I know there is no way in hell he can be blamed for the high prices of gas.

Fran said...

That's odd- I was blaming you for high gas prices, Dean!

Well I'll be, it was Obama all along. Sorry!

I use humor but honestly, I am so pissed off at... well just about everything.

Madame Termagant said...

I think I'll put on my Batgirl costume and start wreaking vengeance.

Swinebread said...

If they think Dark Knight is bad wait until the get full frontal of the comedian in Watchmen... heh heh

Now that's the real righty there!

Randal Graves said...

Wait, liberalsocialists? I thought we were liberalfascists.

So, how much did you have to drink after reading all of that slime?

Don Snabulus said...

If gas goes up a couple more bucks & we get screwed by medical insurance providers for 25% a year for the next couple of years while junk loan dealers are bailed out using tax dollars, actual socialism isn't going to seem like a bad idea to more and more people.

The moneyed elite would do well to keep in mind that there are limits to their robbery of the public commons. We might elect the next Evo Morales in 2012 or maybe a non-freaky version of Hugo Chavez that just goes and takes stuff from the rich to give to the poor.

I would rather not have that happen, but the Righties need to start living in reality. People are hurting out there.

John Collins said...

I do not understand why this pretender has so much influence, especially since he is is not even the best Senator from Arizona. Barry Goldwater, the last true conservative to complete a run for president, integrated his family business and stood for indian rights long before it was popular. He also integrated the Arizona national guard two years before Truman desegregated the U.S. military.