Monday, March 17, 2008

Little girls shouldn't look for four leaf clovers.

Democratic congressman just never seem to get it. Various elected democrats includingPatrick Leahy and Dianne Feinstein have criticized John McCain for his campaign stop in Iraq this week.

Anytime McCain wants to highlight Iraq he's welcome to. Not only does it confirm his horrible judgement in supporting the war but it demonstrates he clearly doesn't meet the magical "Commander In Chief Threshold" that we've recently heard so much about. A Republican that thinks standing on George W. Bush's stellar record in Iraq is a positive is clearly living in la-la land.

A McCain visit to Iraq with toady Joe Lieberman in tow is a net plus to the Democratic candidate. We shouldn't be bitching about it. We should be encouraging more of the same.


Freida Bee said...

I completely agree and it makes me feel safer for some reason knowing Cheney is there too. I think is his affiliation with his party, as you say.

I used to always look for four leaf clovers. Seriously, on my school's playground. I found 2 or 3 of them. That may just prove your point, though.

Randal Graves said...

And did McCain die? No? Then the surge is working, dammit! I'll take that rug, please!

FB, that proves that radioactive waste is seeping into underground water beds. I fully expect you to grow a third eye any day now.

Dean Wormer said...


You must be really, really lucky. :)

Actually - the quote I really wanted to use from that movie was "Die you little green bastard" but I couldn't find a picture of the character that said the line.


Eek. I'll be like one of those fish on the Simpsons.

pissed off patricia said...

I suggest McCain and his buddies Lieberman and Graham just stay in Iraq and bring this criminal act, that has been brought about in our name, to an end.

Dean Wormer said...


Great idea. They're such "tough guys" I'm sure they could bring down the insurgency all on their own.

Snezhana said...

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