Saturday, March 22, 2008

See? Linus was right. There really is an Easter Beagle.

I've been giving lot's of thought to the Blog Against Theocracy stuff and was trying to work out a clever way to work Margaret Atwood's seminal work on the issue; The Handmaid's Tale into a post, when it occured to me I should just let Ms. Atwood speak for herself. Here's an interview she did with PBS in three parts.

(For the record on the theocracy issue: I'm against it.)


Swinebread said...

As eloquent as ever…

Happy Easter Dean

Fran said...

I have seen this- outstanding and a great way to approach the BAT.

Freida Bee said...

Vernon (Can I call you Vernon?) -

Thank you so much for the posting these videos. I am in love with Margaret Atwood now. Maybe she would allow me to worship her (in my own very personal way.)

I love the way she talks. I love the way she writes. I love the way she thinks. I even love her hair! Hell, she's even Canadian!

It will have to suffice that I must create a Margaret Atwood summer reading challenge, and read all of her work that I can this summer.

If those two people had been my parents, I could blame no one for my foibles.

Dean Wormer said...


Thanks. Backatcha.


Thanks. Atwood's given more thought to the threat of theocracy than anyone I can think of.


Vern reminds me to much of those "Hey Vern" commercials.

Atwood is a genius and I heartedly agree. As usual in this case I don't think the movie Handmaid's Tale did justice to the book.

Regardless - here thoughts in this interview on religion and government are amazing. I like how she talks about the old testament as written tradition and the new testament as oral tradition and highlights the fact that Jesus never wrote his own gosple. I hadn't really given that much thought but she's really on to something there.

M.Yu said...

Thanks for these.
It is very refreshing to hear a mind like hers. So clear and eloquent.

I see why you let her speak for this weekend.

pissed off patricia said...

My husband and I happened upon this interview some time back. We just sat and listened and shook our heads at what she said. She made so much damned sense.

Dean Wormer said...


She really see does see things more clearly than anyone I can think of when it comes to the dangers of theocracy.



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