Wednesday, February 06, 2008

As my old pappy used to say, work is fine for killin' time, but it's a shaky way to make a living.

Congratulations to McCain on his big win yesterday! He has a 50% of inheriting the mess he and Bush made. Must feel great.


Anonymous said...

Crazy John is right. McCain is beatable. The poor guy is due for a meltdown between now and the General Election. And conservative support for him is luke warm at best. (Which I don't understand. He seems pretty right wing to me.)

Washington's caucus is this Saturday. I plan on participating. I'm ashamed to say that this is my first time in the ten years I've lived here. I'm a little concerned that there aren't too many Dems out here in the sticks where I live. I'm a little concerned I might get elected to the county convention by default and have to put some work into democracy. Just when I was settling in for another season of American Idol...

Dean Wormer said...


God bless you for participating. Let me know how it goes. There's something cool sounding about a caucus but I wouldn't be surprised if it's a little less romantic than I'd hope.

As for conservative support for McCain- I have a feeling they'll either hold their nose and support the guy and or sit out on "principle." That principle will be the unstated belief that a Republican shouldn't take the blame for a Republican's mess.

Good to hear from ya!

Don Snabulus said...

McCain as President would be the equivalent of a 3rd term Bush presidency, so I hope you are right about his imminent self-destruction.

Swinebread said...
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Swinebread said...


Randal Graves said...

No one is jonesing for more bloodshed, wacky oil prices and violent blowback from illegal and immoral intervention on the world stage?

Where's your sense of adventure! Oh, how we need The Maverick®!

Dean Wormer said...


3rd term only WORSE.


Make love not war, baby.


It would be exiting. But that would be the same sort of exitement you'd get if you went skydiving, jumped out of the plane and then suddenly remembered you'd forgotten your parachute.

Don Snabulus said...

Just an FYI: I read where Pat Buchanan (yeah, I know) said a President McCain would make Dick Cheney look like Gandhi in comparison. I think he could be right.

Dean Wormer said...

Gandhi the peace activist or Gandhi the pro-wrestler(*) who was in the WWF a couple of years back?

(* I just made him up. But it WOULD be a good wrestling name.)

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