Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sorry miss, I was giving myself an oil-job.

The EW list of the "17 Heavenly Bodies from Sci-Fi" has Tricia Helfner, Jeri Ryan and Billy Dee Williams of course, but they seem to have missed some of the biggest hotties from Sci-Fi...

1. C3PO

Why Sexy?

The first film robot to come out of the closet, C3PO is often lovingly referred to as the "Droid Rupert Everett."


"Would you like to join me in a nice oil bath?"

2. Dr. Zira

Why Sexy?

Are you kidding? Look at that bod. Some may say we're not even the same species. I would remind those people that apes and man are all descended from the same common ancestor... Robin Williams.


Dr. Zaius: "Would you like to see what I have in my pants for you my dear doctor Zira?"

Zira: "What do you think I will find in there, doctor?"

Dr. Zaius: "Your destiny."

3. Saint-Exmin

Why Sexy?

The last of the Valkyrie race she is attractive due to her superior intelligence and mediocre appearance.


"You've never seen a Valkyrie go down... "

4. Robby The Robot

Why Sexy?

He's the original hard-body.


Commander Adams: "A little KY Jelly, Robby?"

Robby: "I seldom use it myself. It promotes rust."

5. Horta

Why Sexy?

Not much to look at but a real wildcat under the covers. Apparently the Horta is into the rough stuff including whips, leather and chains.


Horta: "What do you want from your Master?"

(Whips Spock)

Spock: "Paaiiinnnnnnn!"

6. Face-Hugger

Why Sexy?

Face-Hugger is attractive to those who hate dating, foreplay, etc. and just want to get right to the fun stuff. Before you know it he'll have his tongue down your throat.


Ripley: "Hi, I'm Ripley. My cousin Angela arranged our date tonight. Hey, what the... MMmmfff."


Don Snabulus said...

I'm not sure how, but I believe this post has irreparably harmed me.

ladybug said...

I dunno, what about the triple-breasted whore from Eroticon 6?

...or the "Enki, the many-phallused gigolo of Pleasure Dome Industries?

Geez, man...

Overdroid said...

Funny. That's not a tongue the facehugger is putting down your throat though.

Westcoast Walker said...

Hey Ladybug - be careful, Eccentrica Galumbits has been around a few space ports in her time, be a good frood and bring your towel!

Dean - I have a fascination with the Borg Queen from First Contact - she could assimilate me any day!

Randal Graves said...

Lara Flynn Boyle? Come on, EWwww. You breathe and she vanishes without a trace.

Swinebread said...

Great choices but 0f course Zira should be #1.

But I would add Nomad and Jane Jetson

Dean Wormer said...


Mission accomplished.


I'm in geek shame for forgetting Adams.


Ha! That's just gross. But the chest-bursting end to your life is not unlike regular dating.


She is hottie AND she had detachable limbs/ torso so the possibilities are endless...


Agreed but, to be fair, she does look pretty good in her underwear in MIB2.


Nomad did have the shape of something that vaguely reminds one of sex.

And Jane Jetson was a babe.

Anonymous said...

Turanga Leela.

Dr. Zaius said...

How dare you! Dr. Zira is a married woman! I would never say a thing like that to her in public.

Dean Wormer said...


Good call. Usually the only one-eyed women I'm attracted to have been in a bar fight.


When Cornelius' back is turned the cat's will play. Or something.