Thursday, January 17, 2008

First I fly the seat off my pants, and then they repossess the pants.

Via Open Left and Digby we have another example of realy asshattery by Barack Obama.

Digby does a great job of taking Obama's comments apart so I'd like to take the opportunity of my own to ask the obvious question: what the hell is Barack Obama thinking?

Ronald Reagan was a horrible President. The kind of people who think Ronald Reagan was a great President are not the kind of people who are going to vote for a Democrat. Ever.

Trying to suck up to those people is a waste of time and energy and fairly stupid strategically. Once again I have to say I don't think Obama is ready for the Big Leagues.


ladybug said...

Spank him in the butt with a rotten coconut!

(But don't hit him in the head w/one...because that can actually kill you)

Do kid's taunting rhymes count as debate points?

Swinebread said...

Whoa, He really blew it here. He's in the Democratic Party or doesn’t' he know that.

Don Snabulus said...

That was a shockingly goofy comment from Obama. Not as bad as what comes out of Huckabee's mouth every 3rd sentence, but enough to make me cringe.

I can see doing a bit of cross-party pandering but Obama is wrong on 2 counts:

1. Reagan is considered by most Democrats to be a disaster and possibly a traitor for Iran-Contra.

2. You don't pander to Republicans when trying to lock up a Democratic nomination. You do it AFTER the primaries are over and you are going after the other guy.


Overdroid said...

Democrats must end bipartisanship and reach across the aisle to their brothers and sisters on the other side, and allow them to crap all over their stupid fucking faces.

Dr. Zaius said...

Obama is just making an overt appeal to moderates and independents, because Hilary has the core party sewn up. How dare he stoop to politics!

Dean Wormer said...


Spank him in the butt with a rotten coconut!

Izzat a Python quote?




Nicely said. I agree on both.


So shrill and so funny.


Fair enough. I just think candidates for the Democratic nomination for President ought to talk more about how great FDR was and less about Reagan being a good President.

Reagan is not a good model, IMHO.