Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Well, I guess it just goes to prove that you never really know a man until the chips are down and you need him the most.

No matter what one's feelings are on abortion today's USSC ruling can't be seen as anything but contemptible. The standard of what is and isn't necessary medical care should be set by doctors. Not insurance companies and definitely not politicians with alternate agendas. It is absolutely absurd that congress - Republicans and Democrats - passed this ridiculous law and it's equally absurd that the conservative members of the court chose to continue play political games rather than do their god damned job.

This is why elections are important and even an affable clown like Bush should have been kept out of office in 2000. It's also another example of Joe Lieberman and the Gang of Fourteen should have been tossed out on their collective asses. The effect of their muddling, directionless centrism is not moderation. It's conservative extremism run amok.

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Don Snabulus said...

Funny how the CONS used a bunch of activist judges to legislate from the bench to stifle states rights.

They did it again with predatory lenders today.

The SCOTUS is looking more DORKUS every day.