Thursday, April 19, 2007

They opened up the door down here, and the whole Cuban & Nicaraguan armies come walking right through, rolled right up here through the Great Plains.

In a television interview (audio here) regarding the Vietnam war Bobby Kennedy said the following-

I think that what we are doing in South Vietnam is a mistake. I think the course that we are following is in error. But, I am saying that as a United States Senator and want to have what I say analized on tht basis. I've always said unless it is clear that its their war and we are over there to help them that we can't win.

Now they have had corruption and lack of land reform, They failed to put in the democratic procedures that we should have and the democratic processes.

Unless they change,unless there is a drastic change, the people of South Vietnam are not going to feel the loyalty to them to Saigon -rather to the Vietcong and feel that its worth while- they're making the sacrifice -they're making the effort.

Why isn't it for instance in the battle of Dakto. Why hasn't it been the South Vietnamese that has gone up that hill? Why hasn't it beent the South Vietnamese army thats been in the demilitirized zone and stayed there? Why does it always have to be Americans?

I think they should do it. They should carry the burden. Now if they are going to do more of that and the North Vietnamese will not escalate which I expect they will. And the Russians can send them far more sophisticated weapons than they have already. If both of those things come true, I think we will be well on our way to winning the war.

I think there has to be a one hundred and eighty degree turn on the part of the South Vietnamese and there has to be a complete change of policy in North Vietnam. I haven't seen any indications of this up to the present time.

I would to see the South Vietnamese do more. I would to see them carry this burden I would like to see them doing the fighting and not just Americans. Because I don't think there is any alternative to that. We are not going to win unless the South Vietnamese do more, and make more of an effort. It shouldn't be just the United States and Americans doing it.

First we were making the effort there so that people had their own right to decide their own future and select their own form of government. And it wasn't going to be imposed on them by North Vietnam. We had the support of the people of South Vietnam . I think thats why we were involved in that struggle. Thats certainly the way I looked at it when I was in President Kennedy's administration and in President Johnson's.

Now we turned. When we found that the South Vietnamese haven't given the support and are not making the effort. Now we are saying we are going to fight there so we don't have to fight in Thailand . So we don't have to fight on the west coast of the United States, so they won't move accross the Rockies.

This last paragragph rings familiar. Oceans don't protect us anymore, Bobby. Or didn't. Or never did.

It's all so confusing but one thing I know - as long as Patrick Swayze and his Wolverines are around then freedom is safe.


Don Snabulus said...

Is there anything Patrick Swayze can't do?

Swinebread said...

Get a new movie deal...

Dean Wormer said...


Did you say that in a Homer Simpson voice?


Check out "Keeping Mum" he plays an overbearing, egotistical American that's killed by a little old British lady.


Don Snabulus said...