Monday, April 23, 2007

Because it's not our bloody war.

If this is to be believed than I think Democrats may have a bigger problem than they realize.

Democrats will still have to line up votes to pass the final version, which is known as a conference report, and could lose some support from those House Democrats who might not be satisfied with the more amorphous withdrawal goal rather than a firm date. But the leadership is confident that it can secure the votes necessary, arguing that the party cannot afford to fall short now. Members of the Out of Iraq Caucus have indicated they will not try to derail the final bill.

The Out of Iraq Caucus which I assume is made up of members of the Progressive Caucus seems to have trouble with standing up for themselves here. Perhaps they should look to the much smaller in numbers Blue Dogs to see how concessions are won.

Progressives have compromised enough on this crap. We've gone from completely defunding and ordering the troops withdrawn to suggesting dates for withdrawing to "withdrawal goals." No more compromises. Hell, every day we don't impeach Bush's sorry ass is a compromise of a sort.

Draw a line in the sand here, people.


Swinebread said...

The American People want us out, so I don't see why they are having such a hard time.

Don Snabulus said...

If Bush can call 48% a mandate, what the fiznick is the 70% against the Iraq War called? There is no better opportunity for the "Bring 'em Home" brigade than now. They might as well seize the moment.

ladybug said...

It's seems it's going to be a clusterfuck no matter what...

Now we just have to wait the requisite 3-5 years for the PSTD/Brain Damage stats on Iraqi vets to finally come out before the "patriots" get a handle on the TRUE cost of this war....

Dean Wormer said...


But the media doesn't. They are having a hard time gauging reality at this point I think.


That's a great point. I don't think the major media like polls because they gauge what the little people think and rarely accurately match who is popular who isn't at Washington DC High.


Just makes me so sad. Such a huge waste.