Monday, June 05, 2006

Walking around like regular people. They don't see each other. They only see what they want to see. They don't know they're dead.

I used to be on the wrong side of quite a few political topics, not the least of which was gay rights/ gay marriage.

That issue stands out for me because it's one of those only things in my life in which I've had one of those scales-falling-from-the-eyes moments in which I had an ephiphany that caused me to totally reconsider my beliefs.

I was having an argument with a friend in which I was taking the traditional Catholic position that homosexuality was wrong and gays should not be allowed to marry. My friend pulled a perfect rhetorical rope-a-dope on me. I had just said sex within marriage must be life-affirming.

"What does that mean?" My friend asked.

"It means," I replied arrogantly, "that there has to be a potential for pregnancy."

"Oh," my friend said. He thought for a second then posited "What if it's a happily married couple that's infertile? Could they still make love? Couldn't 'life affirming" be a little more than a possible baby?"

Which left me wishing that I was intellectually dishonest enough to change the subject to the weather rather than admit he had an actual point.


Don Snabulus said...

Actually, a man and a woman don't produce a child either, cells inside them do. Therefore...

Marriage = Sperm + Ovum

Dean Wormer said...


Or according to Congressional Republicans and Bush--

Marriage =/= Sperm + Sperm.

(The exception is ovum + ovum. Some of the best porn in the congressional loung involves that equation.)

Anonymous said...

It's also much easier to see the point when you have gay couples as close friends and you know they would like to have a child, legal rights only attributed to spouses etc. I start to really get angry when I consider that they want to make this part of the constitution. How does this hurt anyone else? How? It's just biggotry. And recently I had a talk with a liberal friend of mine who thinks Democrats should drop gay marriage and abortion as issues because it's killing us. The conservative noise machine has poisoned the well everywhere.

Dean Wormer said...

If we drop it we'll lose and an America where gays aren't protected is not an America I'd like to live in.

What we should be doing is more of what Biden did on potato head's show the other day and call Republicans on changing the subject and work to change it back to the the things that really are important to most of us: jobs, the war in Iraq, health care.