Monday, April 27, 2009

Ooh, the Germans are mad at me. I'm so scared! Oooh, the Germans!

From the "you can lead a horse to water" file: Obama vs. Bush at 100 days.

While much has been made of Obama’s high levels of support in recent weeks, most new presidents still have some reserve of good will at the 100-day mark. Bush, for instance, did not score below 59 percent approval in any of our communities in early 2001. Even in our very Democratic, big-city “Industrial Metropolis” counties, which voted against him by large margins, he did well.

Obama, on the other hand, is below 50 percent in our heavily Latino “Immigration Nation” communities and at just 50 percent in our “Military Bastions” located near military bases. He’s also at just 51 percent in our culturally conservative “Evangelical Epicenters.”

Get that?

Democrats in big cities were willing to put aside an election that was arguably stolen to support a Republican president for the good of the nation, but Republicans in "Evangelical Epicenters" are unwilling to accept an electoral trouncing and put aside their differences for the good of the nation, so obviously this reflects upon the character and actions of these two presidents in question.

Your math. It doesn't work.

Here's a crazy idea-- Maybe, just maybe comparing the Democratic and Republican bases doesn't work because the two disparate groups have fundamentally differing idea of their responsibilities as citizens. Perhaps one groups values diversity and even *gasp* disagreement while the other takes a slash and burn, my way or the highway approach to political power that the founders of this great nation would consider abhorrent.

Put another way- Barack Obama is not a "divisive" president just because the average Republican is an unpatriotic, uneducated fuckwit.

Don't hang their stupidity on him.

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Arkonbey said...

I had a talk with a conservative friend of mine about Bush Derangement Syndrome. My mom's got it. The problem is, BDS didn't begin until he actually did something; I would put it around the invasion of Iraq.

The neocons developed ODS even before he'd been sworn in. Remember "Obama's Recession" that Limbaugh touted back in December?

Ubermilf said...

Also, I have noticed that democrats/progressives will still voice disagreement with Obama (like prosecuting the torturers, for instance), but no matter what a republican did or does that violates their "family values" or supposed core beliefs, they will stick up for him or fail to take him to task.

This proves to me that non-Fox listeners are capable of independent thought, and Fox listeners are not.

Which has disturbing implications.

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Lockwood said...

Interesting article Saturday, which I guess I've lost track of now, which argued that for the last 30 years, the rethugs have run the party as a gravy train. Go along, support the party line, repeat today's soundbite, don't think for yourself, and you've got a guaranteed career. The minions were similarly trained that if you just went along, they'd give your pet issue lip service as well. So now the party has lulled all of its members into brain-dead complacency and they can no longer assure the up-and-comers a spot at the slop bucket. They have no ideas, no thoughts, only outrage.

I think this hypothesis explains an awful lot, including the behavior you point out here.

Don Snabulus said...

First of all, teşekkürler. I'm all about the teşekkürler and I'd never even heard of it before.

Don't ever question the results of a poll in which one of the categories is "Tractor Country." That is as sound a demographic as I've ever heard. The CS Monitor is slippin' bad.

Ubermilf said...

"They have no ideas, no thoughts, only outrage."

that sums up what I was saying quite neatly.

Randal Graves said...

Welcome to Tractor Country just doesn't have the same ring as Flavor. Unless you work for Peterbilt or John Deere. Does Peterbilt even make tractors? Where is Welcome to Truck Country? Why does the author of this poll hate America?

lisahgolden said...

I was subjected to about 20 minutes of Fox News while I sat in the doctor's waiting room last week. I swear, it made me 20 minutes more stupid than I already was.

Dr. Zaius said...

Republicans aren't uneducated. They are educated. By monsters.