Monday, April 20, 2009

It's a dog eat dog world and I'm wearing milkbone underwear.

Usually I'm accused of "being a sick puppy" but right now I'm actually someone that "has a sick puppy." My very mellow, very sweet dog Mathilda had to have surgery to remove some stones from her bladder. All went well but she's not able to keep much down in terms of the prescription dogfood they sent home.

Mrs. Wormer is taking her back to the vet anyway this morning to have her pain patch removed. I have a theory that the patch itself is causing the nausea. Fingers crossed that this is the case and she's back to chasing me down the driveway before you can snap a finger.

As an atheist I don't think it appropriate to ask for you prayers but if you could send some good vibes her way I'd appreciate it.


Arkonbey said...

As an atheist I don't think it appropriate to ask for you prayers
Fine. But, I really think that Zeus would be able to take care of this if you'd just let him into your heart.

Seriously, hope it works out.

Ubermilf said...

what if I go ahead and pray anyway? What are you gonna do about it?

I thought so.

ladybug said...

Awww, I love Matilda - she's my fav dog! I hope she will get better they know what caused the stones?

Dean Wormer said...


I would worship Zeus if he wasn't always trying to make time with my lady.


Curse you and your good wishes.


Mine too. :) We're still waiting for test of stones. Could be diet. Could be a UTI.

Don Snabulus said...

Get well soon Matilda!

Lockwood said...

Here's hoping Matilda's up and waltzing in no time!

Overdroid said...

Mathilda = Best dog in the world.

Mary Ellen said...

I'm always willing to pray for dogs...not always for humans, but dogs have my undivided prayer attention. We Catholics pray to St. Francis to intercede for us in our prayers for animals. I'll nag the hell out of him today. Hope your sick pup will be feeling better soon...and I think you might be right about the pain patch. The same thing happened to my dog when she had a pain patch after surgery.

okjimm said...

I have declared today “National Say “Hello” Day!


ps. it was really yesterday.... but I sorta ran out time. Thought I would do it again today......

And a whole buncha good thoughts for your buddy.

Randal Graves said...

On behalf of the Great and Powerful Cthulhu, I send ancient, interstellar vibes to your puny, insignificant planet.

Dean Wormer said...


I'll tell her you said that.


Better than Spike? ;)

Mary Ellen-

Thanks! I think it was the patch (vet said it could be.) Interesting to hear you had the same problem.




Cthulhu was eat her as soon as fix her but I'll run with that anyway.

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