Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I think I must have one of those faces you can't help believing.

My thoughts on last night's debate-

  • At times McCain came across like some sort of manic, egomaniacal, beardless garden gnome.
  • If there was one thing we all could agree on after the last debate that would improve McCain's performance it would be body language. I haven't the slightest doubt that McCain recieved tons of advice to not let his disdain for Obama show on camera. McCain ignored that advice (or couldn't control himself) as he was a full on dick once again.
  • When the original Star Trek was on the air William Shatner used to get jealous of all the fan mail Leonard Nimoy was recieving. He devised little things to draw attention to himself while the camera was rolling. His strange, stilted speech pattern was one of those things. Another was to have his back turned to the camera when they materialized on the transporter and then spin around quickly. That's what John McCain's weird behavior reminded me of.

  • McCain was even working the refs during the debate. When Obama was speaking you could see McCain gesturing to Brokaw in the background trying to get Brokaw to cut Obama off. Keep it classy, John.
  • One of the commentators on CBS after the debate said McCain "moved stiffly" around the stage. I believe the correct word is "doddered."
  • We often posit that people who are still undecided at this stage of the game are dumbasses. After listening to the comments of of the panel of regular undecided voters on CBS I would have to say we're underestimating their dumbassery. Morons, the lot of 'em.
  • Obama looked, acted and felt like the President of the United States.

    Randal Graves said...

    At times McCain came across like some sort of manic, egomaniacal, beardless garden gnome.

    From now until the day I die, each time I see a garden gnome, I'm going to think of McCain.

    I didn't watch it on CBS, what exactly were the undecided jokers blathering on about?

    Ubermilf said...

    Garden gnome.

    Garden implements.

    Pitch fork.


    Dean Wormer said...


    re: undecideds. They were just plain clueless. They couldn't describe what they liked and disliked about the candidates in the debate they just watched. They sat there like deer in headlights. These are the people you get stuck behind at the deli who can't make up their mind when you only have ten minutes to get back to work and know exactly what you want.


    I like that train of thought.

    Dr. Zaius said...

    McCain was doddering and heaving when he should have been dodging and weaving.

    Don Snabulus said...

    My RSS feed to Talking Points Memo is down so I didn't even read my usual post-mortem on the debates. Therefore, I will just say HI!

    Dean Wormer said...


    He floats like a... hammer and stings like a... box of metamusil.


    Hi back! Josh Marshall is really focused on McCain's rudeness as he was the last debate. Lots of interesting comments from readers up there. One thinks McCain has as much as conceded the election.

    DivaJood said...

    McCain's combination of entitlement, arrogance and desperation absolutely reeked last night. He has no business being in the Senate, let alone the White House.

    Dean Wormer said...


    I couldn't agree more. The man has no class.

    Randal Graves said...

    Oh shit, those kind of people. The fact that their vote counts the same as ours makes me want to bash McCain's head against a wall.

    Life As I Know It Now said...

    "Obama looked, acted and felt like the President of the United States"


    Lockwood said...

    Yup. Agree on each point. I was basically fumining when it was all over, though in fairness, the format of the debate was meant to prevent substance- and it worked. I suggest for the next debate, they just put a pair of cardboard cutouts on live camera for two hours.

    If you're interested in another take from a fellow Oregonian, see this post.

    pissed off patricia said...

    At best, McCain was a distraction. Anyone who doesn't know who they want to vote for at this time should not be allowed to vote or play with matches. They need a caretaker.

    Dean Wormer said...




    I like the cardboard cutout idea. Happy to hear from another webfoot. I'm adding you to my blogroll if that's okay.


    Ha! It is a whole new level of dumb.