Friday, September 05, 2008

What do you mean "they" cut the power? They're animals.

I worked late last night and turned on the radio on the way home. Big mistake. That old guy droning on about stuff with his nasally voice almost put me to sleep behind the wheel. That guy is the John Tesh of politicians.

So here's the final series of pics from Animal Blogging Week featuring photos we've taken of critters. Today it's animals we've either seen or eaten. Actually those aren't exclusive.

Deer that wandered into our campsite a couple of weeks ago.

Had a cool moment at about five in the morning. We camped close to town because I couldn't get out of work and one morning I'd just gotten back from the shower and dressed for work and was sitting by the campsite drinking coffee when this same deer walked right up to me and checked me out. I just kept thinking "I'm going to be in a shiny, high tech office in a couple of hours and right now I'm hanging with a deer."

Took this picture at the zoo obviously. I loved how Doctor Zaius, ahem, this Orangutan came right up to us to chat. I think he was thinking "someday you're going to be on the other side of this glass and I'm going to watch YOU throw your poop at your friends."

Shark from the Oregon Aquarium. We needed a bigger boat.

Giant Dungeoness crab. I've crabbed for fun for most of my life and most of the time we get crabs that are barely keepers according to regulations. Wouldn't you know the first time I take the kids out on a boat we catch this giant. It's pretty rare to see a crab this size in the bay as the commercial fishermen get them first. He was delicious.

D'oh. He was also delicious. (jk)

A seal watching us crab. No crabz 4 U.

Zoo again. I think it's fair to say this zebra rarely misses a meal. He's not exactly in sleek, jungle form.

For some reason I hate elephants after the last week.

Hungry like Duran Duran.


Randal Graves said...

Oh, deer.


Dude, that's one large crab. Unless you placed it in front of a G.I. Joe.

Don Snabulus said...

I thought the same thing at first, but I think the crab is on a table and the feet are down on the deck.

Still a good size crab and I love the natural coloration of the X.


Spirula said...

Wolves have the most cryptic stares, don't they? You don't know whether it means "approach" or "run". Those raised hackles don't help either, but that could just be the wind for all I know.

Anyway, beautiful creatures whose sad history makes me...sad. And angry too. Especially when you have "dominion of the earth" assholes like Palindrone trying to put bounties on them.

Fran said...


That is nice.

I love that wolf!

Distributorcap said...

glad we pictures, we might not have the real ones much longer if we keep electing Palins.

dont hate elephants -- i am sure they hate being the sympbol of a group that loves to watch animal destruction

Life As I Know It Now said...

I agree with Dcap.

Dean Wormer said...


All I can say is Japanese tourists ran screaming from that crab.


The x tells you were to get the best meat.


They really do have an almost alien look to their eyes. With domestic canines you get a sense of where they're coming from. With wolves, even wolves in captivity, it's a mystery.

Which is why I think you're right that it's just horrible that Palin cares so little if they and other creatures are around in 100 years.


It did come out well for a personal pic.


I guess that's fair. They can't help that Republicans stole their image any more than we can help that Republicans stole our country.


Me too.