Thursday, September 04, 2008

Just a cute little bundle... of trouble.

Animal Blogging (Mini) Week Day 2. Since there's nothing else of any importance going on this week here are some of the animals we've lived with. Mostly dogs for you friends of the canine.

This is my wife's dog Spike. I say it's my wife's dog because, even though I love dogs, I'm not a fan of little yappy dogs. Of course he's pretty attached to me. If you waterboarded me I just might admit I like the little monster.

This is the same dog as a puppy. Runt of the litter. Best way to go.

This is Willie. We adopted him but have to give him away to some dog-loving friends. Willie had an unfortunate habit of catching and violently killing small animals. We have a lot of wild rabbits on the property and you can just imagine the psychological damage that was doing to our kids. Now he lives at a spot where there aren't as many targets of opportunity.

This is Spike and Mathilda. Mathilda's Norwegian Elk Hound/ Australian Shepherd. We were lucky to get her as the list at the Humane Society had about twenty people who wanted to adopt her besides us. She's just about the best dog I've ever owned. Even tempered and sweet.

Little Joe the Supergoat. He's the Rasputin of goats. He's survived wasp attacks, dog attacks, deadly viruses and toddlers.

Awww. Of course the next moment he's humping her leg.

This is Sheba. We're watching her for a friend. Going on about three years now. Every evening I throw my variation of the Dread Pirate Roberts from the Princess Bride at her when I tell her "so long, I'll most likely get rid of you in the morning." Even if I wanted to do that #1Animefan is quite attached to her so it ain't gonna happen.

This is why little dogs hate the world so much.


Randal Graves said...

If I had to wear that, I'd hate the world too, you cruel bastard.

Good think Mickey Kaus doesn't live near you guys. ;-)

Don Snabulus said...

My favorite is Mathilda followed by Little Joe.

(Here is a shout out to our own cat, Jeebus.)

Jess Wundrun said...

love you for the Dred Pirate Roberts line.

Life As I Know It Now said...

but that puppy wearing the x-mas stuff looks so cute!! he looks like he's patient about it though he might not be thrilled.

pissed off patricia said...

I knew I thought you were special, now I know why. You're a animal person.

We are dog-less right now. We had to put our almost 16 year old dog to sleep this past Feb. We are just sort of waiting until the urge hits us again or until some little dog's life crosses ours.

Dean Wormer said...


He was in the X-Mas spirit. What do you want? If I remember right he took a bite at me after that.


Jeebus is the coolest name for an animal.


Glad somebody else appreciates Princess Bride. :-)


I do feel guilty when we do stuff like that because I know he doesn't like it but then I don't like it when he pees on the rug, so it's even.


I can't imagine being without a dog. You poor dear.

Distributorcap said...

they are the cuties. i had to put my pal george down in June - hardest thing to do

time to bring some joy to another animal -- a dad that will spoil him/her

BAC said...

I love dogs. My two are the joy of my life ... well, until they wake me up in the morning barking, or Bella's new thing of going to the bathroom in the spare bedroom. She got a huge time out for that one yesterday, as I washed the bedding.

I'm thinking about calling Animal Rescue in DC, to ask about the 100 dachshunds they just rescued from a puppy mill in WVA. If they are going quickly I won't try to adopt one, but if not ... I might have another dog soon.


Freida Bee said...

I'd adopt him!!!


(That was teh Genius. He's looking at your blog w/ me.)

Anonymous said...

That goat has devil eyes! I want a pet goat too they're so lovable!

- PurplePPLeater

Dean Wormer said...


daschunds are pretty good dogs. If you decide to do that post pix!


If I really gave her away my middle daughter would kill me.


The president could read you "My Pet Goat" if that would make you happy.

I'm Brian Fellows!