Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's teaching its son all right. And, he's teaching its son just like people teaching its children, just like a papa.

Happy birthday to Dean Jr. who turns twelve today.

At our house we have a tradition when it's one of the kid's birthdays - the 6 a.m. bagpipe procession to their bedroom. I get out my pipes (I really need to practice more) and we march into the birthday boy/ girl's room with the rest of family in tow. Our Chihuahua/ Pekingese Spike always comes in last, howling at the noise.

Did you know that John Woo and Dick Cheney considered listing bagpipe music under acceptable torture methods but even they couldn't bring themselves to be that cruel?

Dean Jr. tried to hide under his pillows but there was just no way to stop the dulcet tones of the pipe drones and chanter. When we finally dragged him out of bed and sat him down to watch a video that his sisters put together for him.

Comprised of pictures of him growing up, shots of Godzilla (his favorite movie star) and laced with music like Chicago's "You're The Inspiration" I couldn't believe that this little movie was put together by the two girls who spend the rest of the year plotting Dean Jr.'s painful demise.

In honor of his big day here's a much better piper than me playing the theme to Star Wars--


Randal Graves said...

Dude, bagpipes? Really? That's the coolest thing ever. Why do so many disdain the grooviness that is the bagpipe? Happy birthday to the future dean of Faber.

Dean Wormer said...


I dunno. The bagpipes and accordion are both treated with such contempt and they're really lovely instruments. I assume that, in the case of bagpipes at least, there's usually a Scotsman attached to them.

That could account for some of it.

Overdroid said...

You left out the part where he has haggus for breakfast and Sean Connery tells him "There can be only one!"

Don Snabulus said...

That sounds as tough as a Polar Bear swim! Now I know how Dean Jr got his mental toughness. Happy Birthday you little rapscallion.

Dean Wormer said...


Aha! Thanks for reminding me of yet another movie I need to show him as I geekify his brain.


It is quite painful.

Bradda said...

Bloggers all yell Happy B-Day mini Dean!! Funny how siblings seem to love each other for a few hours each year on birthdays. You'd never know all the other days of the year...

Life As I Know It Now said...

Mini Dean? Birthday? Bagpipes? Movies? Sounds like the fun start of a groovy day to me!

Fran said...

Happy Birthday Young Dean!!!

And bagpipes... color me very impressed.

Do you wear a kilt too?

Dr. Zaius said...

Happy Birthday Dean Wormer's kid!

(Bagpipes?!?! no! Godzilla? YES!)

Randal Graves said...

I, for one, am sick of this anti-Scottish-Americanism. Blast those bagpipes until the cops come. Then blame the neighbor.

Dean Wormer said...


I like to think (and hope) that birthdays bring out the real feelings for siblings.


It was a pretty good day for my son. He went to bed smiling.


No kilt. The pipes cost me enough and I don't play in public. That stuff is ridiculous $$$$$.


(Bagpipes?!?! no! Godzilla?YES!)

Sounds like a great phrase for a bumper sticker.


Funny you should say that. Last time I played outside the neighbors called pretending to BE the cops. "We have a report of somebody torturing a cat..."

Freida Bee said...

Oh, I am a day late, but Happy Birthday to Dean Jr. I really didn't think I would want to watch the Star Wars theme more than a minute, but that video was great. Considering this and today's D&D post, I'll concede to your geeky mastery. I quit playing the bassoon after Jr. High in favor of getting drunk and sleeping in class in high school. I am a math major now, but after many semesters of sharing classes with computer science majors and their more authentic sexy geekiness, I know I will have to settle for being a Renaissance Fair Wench Wannabe.

Dean Wormer said...


Thanks, I'll share the sentiment with him anyways.

Johnny Bagpipes is pretty good. I think he plays some Stones as well as the stuff you saw.

I am a math major now, but after many semesters of sharing classes with computer science majors and their more authentic sexy geekiness, I know I will have to settle for being a Renaissance Fair Wench Wannabe.

You're a SCAer? Cool.

Freida Bee said...

No. I just watch them practice jousting in the park with envy. I'm a wannabe. (Being a WOW and Magic widow allows me such an envied title.)

My cousin started the gaming club at U. of Michigan and early on he forced us to play D&D at our weekly family gatherings. I know how to play D&D and Magic, and have liked it at times, but my interest seems to drift onto other things. My geeky sexiness is not authentic. I care to much for that. You might call me a geek sympathizer. It's a kind of a jack of all trades master of none curse.

Distributorcap said...

is that the part in the movie where all the aliens in kilts meet at McSorley's Klingon Ale House?

Happy birthday dean jr!

Dean Wormer said...


a wannabe SCAer seems so sad...

I can see getting bored with RPGs. It all depends on who you're gaming with I guess.

I've been lucky because I know some actors and they are simply the best people to play these kinds of games with imo. Totally over the top on everything.


Exactly! Scotty starts a fight soon afterwards.