Friday, June 06, 2008

They are the Nazgul, Ringwraiths, neither living nor dead.

A few Friday afternoon tidbits.

Cat's and dogs living together and the first documented case of the Bush administration acting responsibly when it came to national defense. It only took until there were only a few months left in his presidency for it to happen.

George Takei is taking advantage of the recent decisions in California on gay marriage to marry his long-term SO. Everybody in the Star Trek cast but William Shatner is invited.

I like Spike Lee but in this dust-up with Clint Eastwood he's being an asshole. 1) "Flags of Our Fathers" is biographical story based on the guys who were credited with putting the flag up at Iwo Jima, one of which happened to be a Native American I might add and 2) Eastwood is the guy that made "Bird."

I guess it isn't really news that Joe Lieberman is a horse's ass. But just in case you were having trouble identifying what part of the horse Lieberman actually represents, that article is for you.

This guys nails it. Labradoodles are tougher than Sauron's Nazgul. Hobbits chase them away with torches for God's sakes.


Bradda said...

Did Lieberman call Obama a Whig? That bastard!

Fran said...

You know I was doing ok until I got to the name Joe Lieberman.

The medics should be here soon. I'll be ok, I'm sure.

Dr. Zaius said...

You are clearly biased against labradoodles. What this country needs is a labradoodle that can lead from day one!

Dean Wormer said...


Better than a Tory. It almost came to fisticuffs.


Not to worry. Joe's painting himself into a corner. I don't think the election will be kind to him.


Bah. The dog we really need leading us is a Pekache.

Don Snabulus said...

Re: Air Force firings--

The nukes are the stated reason. Hopefully this time they actually are rather than another political power shift.


Congrats. You deserve happiness. Priceline can get you great deals on your honeymoon.

Spike/Clint-- Didn't see the movie. If it showed dozens of light soldiers running around and no black guys, then Lee has a point. Otherwise, not so much. Either way, there seems to be a lot more media focus on black racial misperception than there is on actual real racism that is still going on all the time. Thank the wingnuts for that.

Lieberman - Meh.

Labradoodles - Like we need more breeds of dog. How about a Labratabby? C'mon genetic modifiers! Earn your beaker!

Distributorcap said...

is lieberman a labradoodle?

Randal Graves said...

All hail Tolkien. Except for the downfall of the Nazgul. Even in the book he isn't quite the bad mofo he should be.

Unless we've all underestimated the powerful, worldwide aura of Viggo Mortensen's stubble.

Arkonbey said...

I've never liked Lieberman, I've always found him to be the anti-Jim Jeffords (a Republican in a Democratic shell). However, when he was interviewed about the global warming bill he co-sponsored, he sounded like a true democrat. It was like seeing a noted movie villain playing a good guy on tv.

I still don't like him at all, but we must be careful that we don't create a sort of 'boy who cried wolf scenario'. We must judge the words and actions as they come, remembering past and not judging the future until it is here (this is not to say, we shouldn't examine some more than others).

For one thing, if we always assume what someone will do/say, we run the risk of being blindsided.

Oh, and congrats to Mr. Takei! If 20 years with the same man without the legal 'shackles' of marriage doesn't prove that gays can be as good and caring partners as us breeders.

Spike Lee: sure, there were african-american soldiers on Iwo Jima, but if the guys who were being biography-ed didn't see them, they sort of don't exist. Isn't there enough overt racism we should deal with without looking for blacks missing in the background of a film that admit to following the life story of a bunch of white guys?

Dean Wormer said...


Air Force- my first thought that it was political but it then I remembered it was the Air Force we're talking about. I doubt any of them were getting the boot because they weren't gung ho enough.

Takei- But to get a deal with Priceline he and Shatner would need to get along...

Spike/ Clint- agree on the media focus with the media but disagree on Flags of our Fathers. The main characters were the same guys in that famous picture on Iwo Jima. None of them were African American. Lee picked a fight for no reason, IMO.


is lieberman a labradoodle?

He's more of the weasel variety.


No kidding about the stubble. They just had a picture of him on the front of the local paper the other day because he's in town and he looked like grizzly adams.


Lieberman- He may be on the side of the angels on global warming but I'm still convinced dems did the right thing by giving him the boot. Hopefully he'll be irrelevant in the next congress.

Oh, and congrats to Mr. Takei! If 20 years with the same man without the legal 'shackles' of marriage doesn't prove that gays can be as good and caring partners as us breeders.

Nicely said. :-)

Spike- It really does like like Lee was picking a fight for no reason.

Swinebread said...

I knew some air-force guys that that said as much back in the 1990s. This really shows that Gates has some level of competence not Bush.

mwb said...

I think as a matter of wise wedding policy, no one ever invites Shatner to weddings.

Best not to ask why...

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