Wednesday, April 09, 2008

If you were not a bride I would kiss you goodbye.

Kossacks are besides themselves because Harry Reid has apparently promised Joe Lieberman he'll keep his seniority and chairmanship regardless of the results of the election. This is with most political analysts seeing moderate to big pick-ups for dems in the Senate this November. They can't seem to figure out why Reid is doing this or what Lieberman has on the Majority Leader that would keep him from throwing that traitorous little toad over a cliff. The man is actively campaigning for John McCain for God's sakes.

I would say that Reid's action makes perfect sense if you consider what I talked about here. The Democrats will need better than a 61-39 majority to get ANYTHING done in the next congress. Republicans will simply declare they're filibustering every single piece of legislation that comes up. Reid's kissing Lieberman's ass because he's going to need the little pint-sized Napoleon.

Of course Reid could take some of the actions that progressives have been screaming for this last few years, not the least of which is to force Republicans into true filibusters rather than just the declarations of same they're able to get away with now. Drive their obstruction into the open. Of course that would be too confrontational. That would just make the Democrats look mean and go against the comity in the Senate so we just can't have it.

Instead we let ourselves be pushed around by someone who was thrown out of the Democratic party by it's voters and is currently campaigning to ensure that the two Senate Democrats still in the race for the presidency aren't allowed into the White House to secede Bush. Mark my words: Lieberman will be speaking at the Republican convention and thumbing his nose at everything the Democratic party supposedly holds dear.

But at least he'll still have his Chairmanship.


Overdroid said...

The corruption long ago leaked over to our side. I really don't know if the 'sides' are that different anymore. I'll still vote though.

Swinebread said...

side? there is no side just levels of taint...

Dr. Zaius said...

Reid never fails to disappoint lately.

pissed off patricia said...

Just recently Lieberman said the Dem. party has been taken over by the extreme left wing bloggers like Kos and MoveOn. So if we left wing lunatics have taken over the party can we kick Joe's ass out?

Randal Graves said...

Why do you all hate Republican monarc, er, bipartisanship?

You are so right, it would be wonderful to see them actually force a real filibuster. The American people hate Bush, and if the Dems click up their noise machine, they can help drown out the inevitable press bullshit.

Better to fight than fear offending David Broder.

Dean Wormer said...


Yeah, it's leaked all over. Washington is a fucking mess. Which explains, btw, why "experience" isn't a very effective argument with a lot of people anymore.


It's so strange. He has flashes of brilliance but then just turns around and does the dumbest things.

But as I said in my post; I think the ground for this latest issue was laid long ago.


So if we left wing lunatics have taken over the party can we kick Joe's ass out?

From you lips...


I agree the noise re a filibuster can be overcome. I don't really see what the counter-argument would be. The filibuster (actual vs. threatened) has been engrained into our psyche since birth as being positively American. Would they say it's now bad?

Broder does hate it when they fight. He prefers we all get along and pass Republican programs.