Friday, January 04, 2008

But they never will, Dick. No matter how many elections you win, they never will.

If you check any of the political debate this morning on neutral political sites you'll probably notice that much of the discussion around Barack Obama's electability continues to focus on race. I personally don't get it. Obama would have a hard time getting elected President but it's not because he's black. It's because he continues to believe we can make nice with the other side.

His supporters as evidenced by comments on Kos on his victory speech are downright delusional if they think that "hope" will carry us through to election victory. Hope is meaningless without action. The only action Obama consistently promises is to reach across the aisle to find consensus with Republicans. There is none.

I've supported politicians as preachers before. This isn't the time for that. We need a fighter not a preacher.

I've never thought it a fair characterization to say that presidential candidates "don't have the experience" for the job. Lot's of presidents have done a terrific job with little experience in politics. But Barack Obama is dangerously naive when it comes to taking an open-eyed view of the political situation facing the country today. It's a bad thing that he won Iowa yesterday.


Don Snabulus said...

I'm not sure what is good, bad, or indifferent with the 2008 candidates. By definition the leaders are all corporate shills, so one can only hope some goodness trickles down through the rhetoric.

I am not as worried about Obama as you are, but Edwards is probably my favorite of the big 3 moneybots. Not that we will get a say in the matter of course.

Anonymous said...

Obama has always seemed to me to have more style than substance. He talks nice but is really sort of an empty suit. I think the Dean is right, Obama is not enough of a fighter to face the shitstorm that the Republicans will throw at him if he's the nominee.

However, I don't think this is over. I'm with Don in thinking Edwards is the best option among the viable candidates and I think he still has a chance to pull it off. I still plan on voting for Kucinich, though.

Swinebread said...

Nah, I disagree. Obama winning in Iowa is great thing. Why… …because the Hilary and the rest of the old guard dems were the ones that sold us down the river to the otherside. They didn’t fight, they just rolled over and made us bend over and grab our ankles for the neo-cons. The old guard just assumed it would be cakewalk to get Hilary into the white House. I’m sick of her bobbing, evading and pole-watching, programmed responses. She’s basically a Liberal George Bush. Who is she? Who knows, because she is so guarded, fake, and doesn’t listen to anybody. Plus, she still will not apologize for voting for the Iraq war, which means either she thought it was a good idea or she cares more about conservatives then the folks in her own party, either it a horrible reason. Now sure I’d rather have Hilary as president than any republican but I’m sick and tired of the wimpy old guard democrats telling us what good for us. They can take their so-called “experience” and shove it up their collective Asses. Their leadership has harmed the party and America. The dems didn’t fight for as at all. If that’s experience, I’ll take no experience. Now, I’m not a big Obama fan, I just think that we all should be very wary of a bunch of do nothing saps that telling us how things should be. Hilary represents the old guard and the old guard needs to take a few lumps before they’ll get my blessing.

oh, and I still plan on voting for Kucinich too.

Don Snabulus said...

I am an independent, but Kucinich is the best of the Dems. It makes you wonder why he isn't doing better elsewhere.

Overdroid said...

Kucinich is my guy all the way. He's invisible as far as the media is concerned.

Dean Wormer said...

Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to post a response that I started yesterday morning before the news.

I watched Obama's speech and listened to a couple of his radio adds today. I close my eyes and I hear Zig Zigler. Needless to say that doesn't exactly inspire me personally.