Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oh gee, thanks Dave, bang-up job so far. Extortion, coercion; you'll pardon me if I ask you to kiss my pucker.

Any of you in California (Overdroid) please put some effort into defeating this horrendous ballot initiative sponsored by Republicans. I know it sounds alarmist but this simple initiative would be the difference between putting a President in office that acts responsibly towards the environment, the budget and foreign affairs or a Bush-clone like Giuliani.

I have nothing against proportional representation but agree with many critics of this measure that it needs to be put in place nationally and not unilaterally as California may do here. I also think on simple the substance of fairness this measure fails. It awards electoral votes by winner of congressional districts rather than vote percentages. In reality this would put a system in place that's not much different that we have now where the minority is over-represented and the will of majority of voters is diluted.

I long for the day when Republicans will move away from shenanigans as their foremost political tactic. From the Rovian games played at the Federal level with U.S. Attorneys to this ballot initiative I would like to see the Republican party re-engage with the electorate and try winning elections by just having better and more appealing policy positions.

I know that's a pipe dream.

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Swinebread said...

The whole republican plan is to simply trick people to stay in and or get in power. They have nothing else to offer.