Thursday, February 15, 2007

Do you even know how to fly a plane?

Is the University of Oregon's hiring of bigshot Duck booster Pat Kilkenny at the AD position a stroke of genius or a boneheaded play to the monied Duck fans? I'd go with the latter.

Sure a good part of the AD's job is fundraising and Kilkenny's experience on the other side of that equation will probably help the U of O raise heretofore unheard of dollars and get that long dreamed of new basketball stadium built. But it's the other aspects of the job that Kilkenny lacks experience in that make me give the whole thing a thumbs down.

Athletic Directors have traditionally come from one of two sources: one of the head coaches at the university is promoted into the position or a successful AD is hired away from another university. Fat cat boosters usually don't make even the long list.

Since the decision was made by University President and former GOP gubernatorial candidate Dave Frohnmayer we shouldn't really be too surprised. This is a guy that belongs to political party that believes failed actors and failed businessmen are those most qualified to be the chief executive of this country. Why shouldn't we put someone from the business community in that position?

How hard could it be?


Swinebread said...
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Swinebread said...

Bhagh! You forgot to mention Browney! 'cause he did a heck of a job!

Don't forget to post you desktop 'cause you got tagged... see me blog for details.

Don Snabulus said...

Go Beavs!

Dean Wormer said...

Go Beavs!

I might have to switch sides and go that way!

ladybug said...

Was it UO that had the NIKE give/takeaway when they agreed not to get donations from folks that do child labor overseas

Or was it the Corvallis guys?

I get mixed up, they both have veird varmints for mascots...