Friday, January 26, 2007

We did everything just the way grownups would have. Why didn't it work? Things would be much better here if it wasn't for him. I wish he was dead.

Al Gore.

At this point that's who I want to be the next President of the United States.

Today's Oregonian ran a follow-up piece to the The Inconvenient Truth controversy in the Federal Way, Washington school district. It seems the student environmental club that wanted to show the film after school (facts conveniently omitted from the original piece) will be allowed to show the film but it will be the principal as to whether a film expressing an "opposing viewpoint" will be shown afterwards. I'm sure you recall the original story. Frosty Hardison, the ignorant rube, er parent, leading the fight against the film had summed up her outrage thusly: "Condoms don't belong in schools and neither does Al Gore."

Sure he does. He belongs in the front of the classroom where they hang the picture of the current President right next to the American flag.

Really there are three reasons why I personally want Al Gore to run and why I want him to win. The first two are noble, the third I recognize is less than mature on part.

The first reason is that it would simply be good for the country to once again have a smart, engaged President.

The second is that Al Gore's post-VP endeavors and particularly his work on global warming have won him huge good will with the world. President Gore could do a lot to restore all of the global good will of friends and allies tossed away so carelessly by President Bush.

My own petty selfish reason for wanting Al Gore to be President? Imagine if you will a January in 2009 when the next President of the United States, Al Gore, is being sworn in. In front of him holding the bible and administering the oath of office is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Just behind him is the man vacating the office - George W. Bush. Surrounded by people that hate him Bush would have to sit through a ceremony honoring a man and correcting the historic mistake of 2000. He'd have to hand the keys back to the grown-ups.

Run Al, run!


Dean Wormer said...


stinkin' new blogger


Anonymous said...

I like your three reasons for wanting Gore in '08. I would add that environmentalism, contrary to what conservative media and politicians would have us think, is now mainstream. It plays in Peoria.

I'm still angry with Gore for his 2000 campaign. Had he just had Bill Clinton stump for him in a few states, like, say, Arkansas, he would have would the electoral college without Florida. I do think he will do a better job campaigning this time around. He seems more comfortable with himself.

The good news is Hillary Clinton is running. My suspicion is she will run a Republican style (i.e. vicious) campaign. As a result, whoever defeats her for the Democratic nomination will be battle hardened and ready for whatever mud the GOP starts slinging.

Dean Wormer said...


I think you're absolutely right that evironmentalism is mainstream. Gore's candidacy would be cutting edge were this the defining issue.

Hillary will play nasty. Just how nasty is up in the air but there's no love lost between her and Gore. Another good reason for him to run.


Overdroid said...

First of all, this made me laugh:

Sure he does. He belongs in the front of the classroom where they hang the picture of the current President right next to the American flag.

Second, Environmentalism is mainstream, Oprah now talks about global warming.

Third, I agree.

Dean Wormer said...

I agree with your agreeing.