Wednesday, October 04, 2006

We are prepared to go any way you make us. When we have achieved our aims you can either walk out of here... or be carried out.

Steven Benen at Tapped reports that somebody in Democratic Senate leadership has promised Lieberman committee senority should he win and that this would actually go against the precedent set by Frank Lautenberg who left the Senate to retire and lost all seniority upon his return.

It's pretty clear that Joe's holding the possibility of moving into the administration as Secretary of Defense (which would allow the Republican governor to appoint his replacement) or caucusing with Republicans as leverage.

He should no better than anyone that Americans don't negotiate with terrorists.


Overdroid said...

Plus he's saying that asking for Hastert to step down is bi-partisan. I hate Joe Lieberman. Hate him.

Anonymous said...

Lieberman's the worst. His appeal mystifies me. Why would anyone ever trust him? And why are the Democrats even speaking to him?

Dean Wormer said...

I'm not sure Joe actually has much appeal other than to the center which he actually stands very much to the right of IMO.

Democrats - in typical fashion - are scared about a split senate. So they let Joe walk all over them.