Monday, October 02, 2006

Have you ever been in a Turkish prison?

I suppose that since I mostly blog about politics I ought to say something about the Foley scandal so here goes: this story gives me the creeps.

I recognize the political implications, particularly the cover-up by House Republican leadership, but that still doesn't forgive the fact that there's a victim here.

One of the things I've said over the course of the last couple of years is that we're going to have to get as nasty as the Republicans to beat them. I keep reminding myself this as more lurid details of this scandal make it into the press.

But I'm still really uncomfortable making polititical hay out of something that involves the victimization of a minor. I suppose that's what seperates us from the animals on the other side.

(On the other hand I just heard Newt Gingrich spout that the reason the House leadership couldn't have moved agressively against Foley was because they'd be accused of "homophobia." Get that? There's no difference between pedophilia and homosexuality in the minds of conservatives. Scumbags.)

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