Thursday, September 14, 2006

In Moscow we fought for an inch of freedom! Here you take it and pour shit all over it.

After reading some of the comments in reply to some of my posts in clear to me that some of you left-of-center types just don't get it. The the Jihadiciders (sounds better than terrorists) hate our freedom. How difficult is that to understand?

They hate our freedom of religon. They hate the fact that we don't have leaders in our government who shove religon down our throats, or make laws based upon their supernatural beliefs.

The terrorists hate our freedom of speech. They hate the fact our media can broadcast the wrong-doings of our government without fear of legal reprisals. That the media isn't controlled by fear of the government. They also hate the fact we can be critical of our own government without being labeled "traitors" or "appeasers."

They hate our freedom of assembly. They hate the fact that we can say anything we want to our leader to his face, to protest without being shunted off someplace miles away where he doesn't have to look at us.

The terrorists hate all of our constitutionally protected freedoms. They hate our right to a fair and speedy trial, our right to a lawyer and our right to a trial by jury. They hate the fact we can walk into any library in the land and check out a book without the government looking over our shoulder to see what we're reading. They hate the fact we can make a phone call to our Aunt Edna without the government listening in to what we're saying. They hate the fact the government can't just arrest us and hold us without charging us with a crime.

The people that hate this country do hate all of our freedoms. When are you guys finally going to get that through your thick heads?


Overdroid said...

Wait, are you talking about the republicans? Because that sounds like all the stuff THEY hate.

Dean Wormer said...