Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Hello, Seattle. I'm listening.

First he was a "Uniter." Then he was Commander Codpiece the "War President." After that he became the "Decider." Now he's our national shrink?

Bush says Iraq straining the nation's psyche.

"See, the problem is ya got your ego fightin' with your superego. It doesn't wear a cape - I asked."

"This superego-ey thingy is also fixin' to stir up some trouble with the libido which ain't good. Libidos are tough but, luckily they're mostly concentrated in big cities like New York and vote for Kennedys."

"Anyhow, this brawl is gonna happen in your subconscious brain which, interestingly enough doesn't involve an actual submarine - I asked."

"Your problem with Iraq is that you're in denial of the displacemament... displacemint... displacebubint... of your projection of your fear of inadequacy. Got it?"


Don Snabulus said...

Iraq says Bush straining nation's existence.

Anonymous said...

Nation says Bush existing strain. Iraq.
Hmm, guess that lemon has no more juice.
Frasier is the best show ever, it's on twice on Midnight. I always watch. In fact I'm watching it right now. Has Don seen the cartoon at the Overdroid blog. Segue.

Anonymous said...

Also, did you get the package? It didn't come here.

Dean Wormer said...

Haven't got it as of yesterday.

Don- if you haven't seen it check it here:


Don Snabulus said...

groovin toon, baby!