Monday, July 31, 2006

Woodward. Bernstein. You're both on the story. Now don't fuck it up.

It's one thing for the administration to toss random threats at the Fourth Estate regarding the publishing of leaks but it's quite another to actually act on those threats.

A federal grand jury in Alexandria is investigating unauthorized leaks of classified information and has issued a subpoena to a fired National Security Agency officer who has acknowledged talking with journalists about the agency's warrantless surveillance program, according to documents released yesterday.

The 23-member grand jury is "conducting an investigation of possible violations of federal criminal laws involving unauthorized disclosure of classified information" under the Espionage Act and other statutes, according to a document accompanying the subpoena.

I haven't read Glenn Greenwald's page today but dollars to donuts he tears into this Justice Department stupidity.

Viva la First Amendment!


Anonymous said...

I read about this in Pravda, comrade.

Dean Wormer said...


Kudos on the pithy comment.