Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lex, my mother lives in Hackensack.

It never ceases to amaze me the lengths this administration goes to in order to make the United States look weak-

The United States has moved its ground-based missile defense system from test to operational mode and is considering the option of intercepting North Korea's long-range missile if launched, the Washington Times reported Tuesday.

Unless we have a mole in the North Korean missile program that will plant homing devices on their test missile there isn't a chance in hell we could shoot down this Korean missile with the program we currently have in place at Alaska.

The administration is either dangerously delusional and drunk on their own rhetoric when it comes to missile defense or they think they can bluff through a round without having to show their cards. Korea will call them.

As in Iraq where the these guys went out of their way to show the limits of U.S. military force (hint: isn't particularly effective against an insurgency) they've put us in a situation where if we DON'T try and shoot down the Korean missile we look weak and if we DO try and shoot down the missile we look weak because the technology isn't at the level necessary for it to be effective.

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