Thursday, June 22, 2006

I must be crazy to be in a loony bin like this.

After spending much of this morning reading through righty blogs such as Instapundit to get their take on the Sanitorum/ WMD's Found non-story I've once more reaffirmed something that's become a central tenet of my beliefs over the last several years.

Conservatives are insane.

I'm not talking about mildly insane either, but total batshit crazy insane. The kind of insanity that can't be medicated away but requires shock therapy to treat. Not the mild phobia that would keep someone from stepping on a crack in the sidewalk while walking down the street or insisting that thier toothbrush sit in the holder just so but the kind of deep, encompassing madness that causes someone to be so completely delusional that they dress up like Teddy Roosevelt or use a spatula to carve strange symbols onto their arms or put a bullet into a major rock star on a jaunt through the park with his wife because there can't be two catcher's in the rye in the world. Bonkers. Nuts.

Take this smathering of comments from the righty website Austin Bay.

Has everyone been under a rock? I’ve heard a lot of reports in the past three years about a number of loaded shells being found. Some of the older blogs covered it but the antique MSM ignored it as usual. It should be of no surpise to anyone since Saddam had the capability to make all kinds of WMD but no capability to destroy any of it, other than what was used to kill any number of people. If the people of this country don’t wake up and quit listening to the cowards on the left from turncoat politicians to out and out communist with an eye on controlling this country they will wake up some morning and find half the country destroyed. People like Hanoi John and Murtha have no one’s interest at heart except their political power. Time to turn them all out to pasture or drag them out and shoot them. I prefer the latter. - Scrapiron

(One could imagine Scrappy literally frothing at the mouth while typing this.)

There were tons of stockpiles. If you can dig through the many reports from the first weeks of the war, the Army encountered many tons of barrels that tested positive for nerve agents. It was only later that the CIA would come in and declare that “no, these are tons and tons of insecticide; nothing to look at here.” Even though these thousands of barrels of “insecticide” were found buried at Saddam’s military bases, we were told that the Army’s tests were all false positives. Now who was it at the CIA in charge of WMD? Plame something or other?

(Plame something or other had already been outed by Cheney by the time we began searching for WMDs in Iraq so she was no longer in charge of jack. That, and she was working on IRANIAN WMDs. That's Iran. With an "n.")

Anybody with more than 2 functioning braincells can logically understand that Saddam was trying to reconstitute his WMD program after the 1991 Gulf War. To believe otherwise is — as Austin Bay puts it — “to put you in league with goof(y)… - Urbangrounds

(I'm not quite sure how he's able to qualify this since he doesn't appear to meet his own minimum standard.)

It just goes on and on but perhaps my favorite comments of the batch are these by Jim Sweet-

If this report is true, it IS a major find in the context of potential terrorist operations against this country. As the Aum Shin Rykyo incident showed, it takes only small quantities of nerve agents to launch highly disruptive attacks on civilian populations. Since these concerns were key, if not predominant, reasons for the invasion of Iraq, they will be a major embarassments to critics of the Bush Admin action against Iraq.

(Conversely since it's not true, at least as far as relevant WMDs go, it'll be a major embarassment to supporters of the Bush Admin action against Iraq. Right? Right?)

Even aged artillery rounds contain enough agent for multiple such attacks. We shouldn’t let the inevitable spin from those critics obscure the fact that Iraq could have been a major clandestine instigator of such attacks. It matters little whether Saddam had 500 or 5 or 5000 of these rounds. He was prohibitted from owning even 1 and in skillful hands, 1 is enough. Even now, there is NO guarantee that these weapons haven’t already found those hands. That might explain Bush’ reticicence to publicize this.

(Sounds logical except for one teensy, weensy little bitty thing. Insurgents mount daily attacks in Iraq against our troops and Iraqi civilians. NONE OF THEM HAVE UTILIZED CHEMICAL WEAPONS!)

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